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Westworld Season 3 trailer.

Otherwise known as BladerunnerWorld.
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Looks good. Am wondering if this is the "real world" or "FutureWorld".
Old 05-21-2019, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by MrDibble View Post
Looks good. Am wondering if this is the "real world" or "FutureWorld".
WAG - it's the real, outside world, hundreds of years in the future, after everyone has been replaced by robots. Somehow, the only human in the world is Dolores.

I don't know how that could be possible, but it wouldn't be more ridiculous than what we've already seen on the show.
Old 05-21-2019, 10:07 AM
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Looks Godawful.

Worst thing the show ever did was go away from the park, and now it's not even Westworld. It's just, generic sci-fi show.
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An S3 discussion thread:


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