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Originally Posted by eschereal View Post
Funny you should mention tobacco. The big players were paddled firmly on the butt, yet they are still around. Have you been to a grocery store lately? They still sell cigarettes. The big players are drawing in billions in net revenue. It looks very much like no one was really put up against the wall. It was all justice theatre.

What about British Petroleum, who did a very fine job fouling the gulf? Was anyone punished for that? Exxon got their liability for fouling Prince William Sound reduced to a little more than a rounding error relative to their overall revenue, simply outlasting the plaintiffs by dragging the case on for most of two decades. And Taylor Energy only recently settled a case related to a persistent leak that is now greater in volume than Deepwater Horizon.

So far, it looks like no one is truly being put up against the wall. Perhaps ever.
Perhaps this is the thread where all post to reply to my points will only show that they miss the point.

In this case that part of : "Now, since I think we are getting better in many fronts what I expect in this case is not that drastic [as in putting the perpetrators to the wall], The people will vote the rascal deniers out of power and like the tobacco industry make the fossil fuel industry pay for the new industries that will help educate humanity to better mitigate and/or adapt to the changes." that you replied to.

Again, that is because I can be a cautious optimist; and I also posted before what you mentioned about the tobacco people, I did use it as an example of how asinine the fossil fuel industry is by denying or funding the denial of the issue among politicians. Because, no, they will not be punished as they should, but at least they will be paying a lot of costs due to the results of their past behaviors, as in paying states and government for the cancer costs of less well to do individuals and to fund advertisements against their products.

I also pointed before at the relative lack of punishment over damaging industries, but as example of how on top of a crime against our environment one should add a charge of being greedy up to the level of assholery. Because on top of that, they even deny that in reality, very little liability will fall on them. Indeed, in the end the tobacco industry had to finally just add the cost of the damage they are/were doing to the cost of doing businesses and still get a profit, oil and coal will continue to be used in other industries and for awhile while we de-carbonize our energy sources.

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