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Originally Posted by bob++ View Post
Of course you are not buying your chicken off a supermarket shelf - are you?
No, I only eat chicken if I can rob a neighbor's henhouse. Many's the time I've had my hide peppered with rock salt, but it's worth it if the bird's done right.
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My take on some of your questions:

1) White meat is preferred over dark by a majority of people, that's why a "white meat dinner" at a place like KFC costs more than the same dinner with mixed white and dark pieces.

2) There is way more meat per bone wight wise in a chicken breast than there is in a chicken leg that has that big-assed bone in it.

So, if you know your chicken breasts have "no taste", why do you insist on putting nothing on them? You don't have to use salt if you are concerned with salt's deleterious health effects. There are many wonderful herbs that are very tasty and very good for you. Look up recipes and experiment a little!
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This thread was bumped not by Two Many Cats, but by a now-deleted spammer.
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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
It's also leaner, little-to-no connective tissue, easy to filet, easy to cut into cubes or flatten into cutlets, etc. And, in the US, consumer preferences are for white meat, in general, it being less caloric (although the difference is not as extreme as you might think), not grisly, neutral-flavored, etc.

Now, I do use chicken breast fairly regularly, but I use it much in the way I would use tofu. Just a generic protein to have to soak up other flavors, as it doesn't have very much flavor of its own. If I want to make something that tastes like chicken, or is stewed for awhile, I do for dark meat, usually chicken thigh. If I'm eating fried chicken or barbecued chicken, yeah, give me anything but breast. But if I'm doing a quick stir-fry with a strongly flavored sauce, I'll go for breast for convenience and its neutral properties.
This ...

Though I really love to just poach [in sous vide to keep it moist] a batch of breast meat, and shred it and bag it up in the freezer to do other stuff with.

If I am going to cook something directly, thigh [boneless skinless] is my choice for stir fry, quick soups, fricassee or even baked bone in skin on.
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Hello, 2014! You were a pretty okay year! We had no idea what we were going to in for by 2016!

I’m roasting a whole chicken tonight for just the two of us. We usually share the wings and dark meat, and refrigerate the breast meat for later use in sandwiches or quesadillas or casseroles.


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