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What was that "zoom enhance" video from several years ago?

I remember seeing either a short youtube video, or an endless image stream, that was the ultimate in zoom-enhance.

I can't remember whether is was animation or real images.

It went something like this: It started with an image of a building, and the camera zooms in, and there is a mirror on the wall. The POV zooms in more and we see the reflection of the building behind the original photographer. And the zoom continues, and we see a person standing in the window, and in the person's eyeball a reflection, and then we zoom in more on that reflection and see another building, and then we see a reflective surface on another building, and then the zoom continues on and on, until the image is miles away, and well beyond any real-world resolution. It might even comeback to the original person's POV, so that he ultimately sees himself in all the reflections.

Does anyone remember that? I can't think of a proper search term to look for it, especially if I may have some details wrong.

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It was the beginning of the movie Limitless
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What you're looking for is an "infinite zoom" video. I don't recall the one you're talking about (like, I don't remember that there was a "popular" video of this), but the technique has been around for a while. In recent memory, the most widely-viewed were prolly the ones in the 2011 film Limitless.

ETA: Had the reply window open while I did some searching and DPRK got there first. [thumbs up]

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If it's an animation with a person seeing himself, it could be this modified Escher
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Red Dwarf also spoofed this.
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Not Limitless. That's not the same. It's just straight ahead zoom zoom zoom.

Red Dwarf is the same thing as I remember, but comically.

The Escher one is clever!
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A few versions are here.
(Sometimes zoom and enhance actually works.)
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You might be referring to this one:

A YouTube collection of some good examples of the cliche. JFGI if that's the case, as I just got it by searching zoom and enhance youtube.


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