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Old 09-30-2019, 10:04 AM
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I used to like the WWE games, but 2K ruined them!

I loved the WWE games back when THQ were still producing them, and Acclaim too. But over the last 6 years, they've been awful. My favourite was "SmackDown vs. Raw" (2006) because you had a season mode or career path type of mode, where you had to make choices on who to support and who to feud with. It was the last game too to have the real voice of Eddie Guerrero, because he passed away a week before its release date, in the UK.

One thing I loved about the old games was that you could create yourself as a Superstar using the Create-A-Wrestler (CAW) mode, and add music to an entrance using one song added to a playlist. But now that option is gone. You can still add in custom finishing moves and stuff, but it takes ages to edit everything. The mode itself is also fiddly and not that simple to navigate through any more, rendering it more awkward than enjoyable.

The controls are very clunky now as well. In fact, I don't like them at all. For example, when a guy gets you in a submission hold, I don't even understand how you're meant to counter this. Everything always needs patched when you buy the game, and normally you will advance order it to gain a special celebrity guest character, or something, then feel let down by how lame it is. I remember one year there was so many users complaining on the official 2K forums about the bugginess, and there was like 50 plus glitches that needed sorting because the game would freeze, or the save data would get wiped. Now every year, they update the roster according to who's on TV at that time, but the gameplay is still total ass, and it's like they just cut and paste everything else from last year's shitty game, and said, "Pay us $60 and get this game" because they're money grabbers (future DLC packs are discounted if you buy the crappy pass). Not worth even paying $15 second hand!
Old 09-30-2019, 03:41 PM
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My son has WWE 2K19 and I remember being excited when he got it to play together. However, I find it unplayable. The controls are beyond clunky.
Old 10-09-2019, 10:08 AM
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That's why I don't buy them anymore. I bought 2K19 pretty cheap, and turned it off after 15 minutes!
Old 10-09-2019, 10:23 AM
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I received a free copy of 2K19 (EA has an office in Orlando and I do playtests from time to time and the reward is a free game) and I STILL only lasted one playthrough. Maybe it's because I can't game like I used to, but the controls to do any one thing was so complicated that I just got frustrated. I loved the old THQ games (WCW/NWO Revenge for me) because the controls were simple and it was fun.

I have the same gripe with Madden games too. They're so needlessly complicated to have fun that I just get overwhelmed and ultimately bored.
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I think when they started kowtowing to WWE demands was when they started going down the drain. I miss the crazy weapons and having coed matches in the games. What's the point of a 60 Person Battle Royal if you literally can't have every create a character you made in it?
Old 10-11-2019, 05:00 AM
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when they stopped having set moves and just using the sticks it got annoying ... I know why they did it but i think its annoying because the game picks the move and not you

Also I have the first wwe game for the switch and i created a guy that never got out of nxt because of the match requirements ... see you get a match rating of stars that ebb and flow depending on how exciting the match is .... and the nxt title match is "get 3 stars and pin roode" and you cant do both cause once you get 3 stars roode whos butt i was kicking through out the arena pulls a mid 80s hogan and becones a no-selling wrestling god ......
Old 10-19-2019, 10:43 PM
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There's other fighting games, not specifically wrestling, where you can create characters. So I'd recommend the Soulcalibur series, which is sort of like a spin off for Tekken.


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