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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
I don't see any country defending Pakistan in a case like this. It was Philadelphia this time but next year it could be Moscow or Shanghai or Paris or Cairo; nobody wants to condone a country that isn't able to control its nuclear arsenal.

After 9/11 even countries like Cuba and Iran publicly announced their support for America and condemned Al Qaeda. After a nuclear attack, the reaction would be even more one-sided.
Exactly. Basically, every country that has nukes (and probably a bunch that don't) would be in a fog of war initially wrt what the fuck had just happened and what, exactly, would be the US response to having one of our cities go up in nuclear fire. No one would be looking to defend Pakistan (even it's purported allies, like China, would be looking to distance themselves from them), but they wouldn't or couldn't know what we would do next. Hell, turn it around...what would the Russian's do if Saint Petersburg went up in fire? Gods know but they would be VERY pissed and pretty tense and everyone, including the US, would be falling over themselves to assure the Russian's that it wasn't them and that they would help in any way they could. Just like your example after 9/11...but multiplied by...7!

That's what happens when you let rednecks play with anti-matter!
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Originally Posted by XT View Post
Just like your example after 9/11...but multiplied by...7!
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Originally Posted by KarlGauss View Post
One aspect that I believe has not been raised yet is the fact that Pakistan is an Islamic nation.

Would that enter into the US's deliberations?

If the USA is gonna bring the sunshine to Karachi, fuck no.

The facts are that the city of brotherly love had a nuclear event and a shit ton of Americans are dead and a state of war now exists.

Did the Pakistani politicians and military have anything to do with it, personally I am gonna think not and they are getting framed.

Did the ISI have anything to do with it, even if they are innocent lots of people are going to think otherwise.

So basically I can see the US responding with a strike on the Northwest territories, no one is going to give a shit if they get nuked

No politician is gonna care if they are christian or islamic
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