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Old 03-12-2020, 12:05 AM
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Humble Bundle key Gifting during homestays(Two Point Hospital for example)

I may be thinking too much about things, but I expect people in some places or even most places may be under a bit of home restriction for the up coming period.

I have been playing Two Point Hospital lately which is a good resource management/puzzle game very similar to the old console "Theme Hospital" from years ago for those familiar.

And I also noticed it was part of the Humble Bundle a month or so ago, which I should have a key for, that I will not use, obviously, because I already own the game.

It occurred to me that having a game key I wasn't using, for a good game, might be a good deed to pass it on to someone who can use it if they have a stuck at home situation, because it is a pure family game that might help someone stay sane.

I was trying to figure out if gifting a Humble Bundle key is allowed, and from what I could find it is good,

With the restrictions that it has to be (within the gaming Region or you will get a region lock) and an email has to be exchanged.

So basically;
I have keys through Humble Bundle over the last year and a half to PC games I will never play . Two Point hospital in particular is a good example of a Family friendly game for someone who many be quarantining with kids, that I would be more than willing to gift as I will never be using it, and I think that it is clear that gifting is okay from Humble Bundle, although I hope someone here has done it before and know for sure if it is kosher, and can clearly explain what is needed top do it.

P.S. I'm gonna drop a report on my own post here to make sure the admin are cool with it before passing out keys.
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I don't see a problem here. Have fun!
Old 03-12-2020, 07:23 AM
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Cool. It's a cute little game. Fun to play as-intended, but also fun to muck everything up and watch the ensuing chaos.


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