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National Emergency Library: 1.4 Million Books Free to Read (Internet Archive)

This week the Internet Archive, in San Francisco, announced—and, in the blink of an eye, opened—the National Emergency Library, a digital collection of 1.4 million books. Until June 30th, or the end of the national emergency in the United States (“whichever is later”), anyone, anywhere in the world, can check books out of this library—for free. As Brewster Kahle, the digital librarian at the Internet Archive, wrote in an online announcement, if you can afford to buy books, please buy books! Bookstores still need your business. But, by God, if you can’t afford them, or if the books you need aren’t in any bookstore, and, especially, if you are one of the currently more than one billion students and teachers shut out of your classroom, please: sign up, log on, and borrow!

The site:
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As best I can tell, these are scanned volumes not yet out of copyright, so an actual download would leave the Internet Archive subject to liability. So they're pushing the envelope of IP law a bit, and saying "we're no different from any public lending liability. You can read the material for a limited 'lending' period."
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Who are we going to buy electronic books, or physical books online, from? Amazon? I'm not interested in making Bezos even richer.

So I encourage folks who want to buy either kind of book online to search for independent booksellers. They won't make much from the ebooks but it's better than giving your money to one of the richest men on the planet. And if you can delay your gratification by waiting for delivery, they'd love to sell you a real physical book.


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