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Originally Posted by raventhief View Post
I realized how done I was with the topic after Slacker posted the old saw about sex and pizza- "sex is like pizza, even when it's bad, it's still pretty good!"

That just be a nice place to be in- the bad sex that I've had had been painful and not "still pretty good." I had, in fact, posted an article that made that same point earlier in the same thread.

So yeah. I'm done.
Exactly! Bad sex in my metric varies between "actively painful" to just plain "mildly uncomfortable, a little unpleasant, but other person is enjoying it a lot and it's about done." "Pretty good" still qualifies as just plain "good sex, actually feels nice."

There are a surprising number of women who, in their lifetime, report never having orgasmed during sexual relations. Not just 'vaginal intercourse,' anything.

For them, good sex is brief, not painful and makes the other person happy.

This is actually not meant to rebut the issue of male circumcision. I have very mixed feelings about it, to be frank, similar to my feelings on abortion, but I feel that it's important to realize both the impact of the clitoris on a woman's sexual feeling and the ease women have in enjoying sex in general, compared to even a man who has been circumcised.

A really huge amount of a woman's pleasure is in the clitoris. Look, the guys talked about what feels good to them, right? Even during vaginal intercourse, the movement causes some clitoral stimulation at the same time. Assuming there's a clitoris there.

There are people who have orgasms during male-female intercourse, but I would doubt most of them did this without any kind of clitoral stimulation. There are also people who have nipple-stimulation orgasms.

There are people who can do all kinds of amazing things in this world, lots of outliers, but the reality is that many women have trouble orgasming as is, even alone with themselves or using toys. If someone confided in me she could orgasm from her nipples, my first thought would be that she might not quite understand what an orgasm is like and just classified it as "feels really nice." I have been surprised how many people have had seemingly obvious sex questions that I found myself answering. Our sex education programs are a waste.

Anyhow, most women who have confided with me on this subject have said they focused on clitoral stimulation during masturbation, sometimes with some kind of toy or substitute to add bonus stimulation. But it's always the clitoris, everybody I know who seems like they're enjoying themselves when they talk about it, talked about the clitoris.

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Right? And that's something that infuriates me about "Intactivists"- you say sex is pretty darn good on the regular but you think it could be better, and that's on par with actual pain upon sex? Tell me more about how put upon you are!

Hearing that the penis could be re-sensitized upon wearing a condom for a week or two to really show these poor benighted men just what they're missing makes me completely un-sympathetic to the similarities between circumcision and FGM.

FUCK OFF with your "I mean, yeah, I came, but I was a bit bored, it took a while."

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