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Originally Posted by Cardigan View Post
I'd be genuinely surprised if they hadn't spent a good chunk of change looking very carefully at how their store design and environment affects bottom line. I remember hearing back in the 80's how McDonalds intentionally designed their seating to be just barely comfortable enough to sit through a meal, but uncomfortable enough that most people wouldn't want sit there much longer.
I’ve noticed that a lot of Starbucks in Chicago have removed a lot of seating and are using the space to display coffee beans for sale and other merchandise. Of course, most of these Starbucks are definitely grab and go places. The one down the street from me in my residential neighborhood still has plenty of seating.
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Be sure to bring a copy of this Scalzi book:
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Originally Posted by Royal Nonesutch View Post
And how could you possibly know that?

Perhaps in your extensive travels following the dulcet, virtuoso musical stylings of The String Cheese Incident around the globe you somehow never noticed that all over Europe (and doubtless other areas as well) there are literally millions upon millions of people each and every single day who go into a bar, cafe, bistro, coffeshop, restaurant or tavern and order a single coffee, glass of wine, beer, appertieff or just a simple bottle of water (or some kind of pastry or other small snack) and then sit either alone or visiting with friends for 2, 3, 4 hours or more, then get up, pay their check to the cent (without EVER leaving a tip or even bringing their cup or glass to the counter) who are then bid a cheerful and sincere Goodbye, Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Addio or Do Widzenia by the staff and/or owner until the next afternoon when the entire scenario repeats itself.

I have literally seen this exact scenario repeat itself virtually every day for the past 4 years, both in "my" local pubs, (while I am sitting and drinking my usual 2 or 3 beers and then leaving a generous tip, unlike the vast, vast majority of actual native Krakowianins who never tip) as well as places I have just stopped in upon passing, and so has anyone else who has visited Europe and taken the time to notice.
The stranger ordered two coffees, but the waiter protested that at midday one does not reserve the best table in the house merely in order to drink coffee; the patron had to pay the rent, monsieur!
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Starbucks has a policy where you can get free refills on a purchase made within the store (as opposed to just bringing an old Starbucks cup from the outside). So that doesn't exactly encourage people to keep buying coffee.
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This cafe in London has taken this line of thinking to its logical conclusion and is charging customers by the minute. You get as much coffee and cake etc as you want, and they bill you for the time spent on the premises. The article dates back to 2014, but the prices seem reasonable to me - much less than one drink per hour would be. Personally, I think it's a great idea.


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