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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Any outrage I feel is less about the failure to successfully find the rapist (until the lucky break later) and much more about the threats against the victim, and that police treated her like an adversary (e.g. like a criminal). I think that 'earns' plenty of reasonable outrage.

If they had treated her with kindness and respect, and not threatened (much less charged!) her, then this wouldn't be nearly as much of a problem, even if they were skeptical of her claims.
And then we wonder why women don't report rape.

Because while the prosecution of her is unusual, reporting a rape is not a pleasant process. Its unlikely to result in apprehension, and should the case go to court, a woman gets to look forward to her character being questioned.

Most rapes are someone you know - so good luck proving beyond a reasonable doubt that it wasn't consensual unless you've chosen and been able to fight to the point of being beaten.
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Sometimes, the crimes of rape, sexual assault, etc. and the resulting process is simply put to be an invasion of physical privacy perpetrated by a sociopathic individual followed up by an invasion of psychological privacy perpetrated by the people who are supposed to be trusted to protect the public. A lot of the time this is what people perceive to be the case. So, I cannot think of many people who want to subject themselves to such incidents.

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Originally Posted by Gary Kumquat View Post
The majority of sexual assault are not reported to the police (an average of 68% of assaults in the last five years were not reported).
How does that break down by sex of the victim and by sex of the alleged rapist? And similarly those of reported rapes?
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Bumping this because the case in the OP has been made into a miniseries on Netflix:


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