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This came to mind after reading the "Miss Looking at a Shelf of CD's" thread. What I miss are the Extras that were included with movies on DVDs. There were bloopers, interviews, the making of...., etc. Sometimes the Extras were the best part of the movie! Streaming, at least Netflix, doesn't include these.
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I've said for years that the video commentary on the Pan's Labarynth Blu-Ray is the best special feature I've ever seen on a move. I loved those things and I miss them most definitely when I'm getting new disks
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I've seen a few DVDs that have an optional text commentary as a subtitle track. You get the hear the standard film audio track while reading whatever interesting tidbits and factoids the commentators have to share about whatever you're seeing. IMHO, this makes much more sense than having an audio commentary obliterating most or all of the film's dialogue. The fact is, most commentators are not all that funny or interesting. When they have to blather on to fill time then then I just see it as a wasted, useless 'feature'. I have to assume that it would be cheaper and easier to produce a text based, "Director's Comments" subtitle track compared to an audio track. I wonder why they are not more common?
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