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Online Tupperware Party!!

I have recently become a Tupperware consultant. I'm doing this to help my boyfriend pay the bills (he's supporting me while I'm in college) and to help pay for my textbooks. Of course there's also the fact that I love Tupperware!

If you would like to buy some Tupperware, there are 3 ways you can do it (well, 4 really but one of them doesn't help me too!).

1. If you live near me (MA but close to CT and RI too), you can have a typical Tupperware party at your house and I'll come to run the show. As a host, you will earn free items and half price items and bonus items based on how much your guests buy and whether or not they book parties themselves. It's entirely possible that you could get those one or two things you really want without forking over a dime!

2. Have an online party! I can set up an online party, with you as the host. Again, you benefit from the purchases your "guests" make but you don't have to clean your house or buy snacks. Everyone purchases from a specific link which goes directly to your party and not the generic Tupperware site.

3. If you want just one or two things and have no interest in hosting a party, live or otherwise, I can set up my own online party and give you the link and you can get what you want that way. This way doesn't give you host benefits like free items or half off items but it also saves you from having to wrangle your friends to your party. This way also benefits me because I'll still be the consultant and will still get my commission.

4. You can go to and shop there. This way is easy and fast but doesn't benefit me in any way so of course I'd prefer you didn't do this . Seriously though, Tupperware is awesome and if you want to buy it this way, go for it!

If you have any questions about any of the cool products, how hosting a party works, or becoming a consultant, let me know! I'll be glad to pass along the info!


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