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why do we care about sports?

Well hell. We've all seen Bull Durham. "I see great things in baseball. It’s our game, the American game. It will repair our losses and be a blessing to us.”

"You can look it up. " Attritubed to Walt Whitman. Too bad he didn't write it

He didn't write it, and I, for one, am glad. I am so tired of writers trying to turn baseball into some metaphor for American life. George Will has done it, Plimpton*, many others.

I don't like Joe Buck, calling baseball or football. But there was a game he was calling and for some reason he responded to fans criticism of him. They were saying he was biased against a certain team, and he responded "It's all just good fun". And I am sure he got vitrolic emails about it the next day.

But that is all it is, good fun. Baseball is not life nor a metaphor for life. So why do we care? Why was I so happy last night with the Miracle Mets comeback and looking so farward to tonight's game? The best explanation I've heard is from Crow on Mystery Science Theatre 3000 - "We've attached our egos to you"

*Plimton wrote a book about the NFL, Mad Ducks and Bears. Highly recommeded. It is hysterical, it has passages where I laughed harder than I have ever laughed reading a book, but there is a chapter where John Gordy, an offensive tackle for the Detroit Lions, described walking off the field after a loss - the "fans" screaming at him, calling him every name you can think of. Vitriolic hatred. Doctors and lawyers and such. About a ******* football game played by people they don't know.

Now I don't do that, I can't imagine hurling insults at a player - "Nice game pretty boy" - but I have done it watching on TV. A reliever comes in, gives up a game losing HR and I am saying "You bum!" I have felt anger at a fellow huuman being out there doing his best. Why? It's a ******* game played by people we don't know.

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