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Originally Posted by Tired and Cranky View Post
There's a bi-modal distribution of pistol magazine sizes. Single stack magazines tend to be about 8 shots. Double stack magazines tend to be 13-15 or so. You can also change the capacity of many magazine fed pistols by using higher capacity magazines. In many guns, higher capacity magazines will stick further out of the gun's bottom but otherwise not affect functioning much. .
I'd say the vast, vast majority of pistols seen onscreen are 9 mm or thereabouts, with a an average of 15 rounds per magazine - so much so that anything else is almost always specifically emphasized. Remember, almost all shooting in movies and TV shows is done by either cops, soldiers, criminals or adjacent, who prefer standard, high-capacity weapons, and not by civilian legal gun owners, who have much more varied tastes. I remember in one of the John Wick films, they made a big deal about the hero being given a .45" pistol - he noted how unusual it was that someone like him would be using a weapon with only 8 bullets.
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Originally Posted by Joey P View Post
Going back to the gun thing, most people, I'd wager, don't even notice that someone shot 15 bullets from their revolver. If you asked them, they might not know how many it actually holds, but they would probably guess less than that.

Just think about how many continuity errors go unnoticed for years.
This is me. As long as the characters and the plot is good, I really don't care about the details. Unlimited bullets doesn't bother me, although I do noticed when they need to be dramatically reload.

And continuity errors only bothers me, if I don't like what they changed.

ETA: But it can be fun to nitpick them afterwards. Which is why I enjoy reading this tread and TVtropes. But tropes are not a bad thing.

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Originally Posted by ftg View Post

I do not know where people get this very mistaken belief. There was a friend of mine when we were kids that would take a can of gasoline, pour some out on the ground and throw a match at it. It would absolutely, positively go whoosh before the match came to rest.

A pool of gas? Big whoosh.

It is dangerous to be posting such a potentially harmful misnomer around.
From Mythbusters (scroll down):

It is possible to ignite a pool of gasoline using only a cigarette.

A cigarette has the potential to light a pool of gasoline but just doesnt have enough sustained heat. Gas ignites between 500 F and 540 F, the cigarette at its hottest was between 450 F and 500 F but only when it was actually being smoked. An ignition is very improbable.
What ignites is not the liquid but the vapor. To have a single match create enough vapor to get to the flash point, let alone the fire point, is so highly improbable, that I'm tempted to do my own Mythbusters video where I drop a match while standing over said pool.
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Originally Posted by Charlie Tan View Post
From Mythbusters (scroll down):

What ignites is not the liquid but the vapor. To have a single match create enough vapor to get to the flash point, let alone the fire point, is so highly improbable, that I'm tempted to do my own Mythbusters video where I drop a match while standing over said pool.
The Mythbusters were testing a cigarette, not a match.
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That also depends on there not already being a significant amount of vapor over the liquid gasoline.
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I think Hollywood is well aware of these cliches, because there is a Simpson's gag making fun of every one mentioned so far. Also look for reference to the forgotten Schwarzenegger vehicle Last Action Hero. Spoilers not blocked, because then you won't have to watch it if you haven't seen it: A key plot point is that the hero has to get back to the movie world where his real life very serious and life threatening gun shot injury will turn back into a flesh wound that can be shrugged off.

I also think that the errors range from stuff such as "it was a mistake, don't worry about it" to "the audience are idiots" encompassing "not important to the plot" and "too boring to film" in there, too. (Those have all been mentioned in this thread.) I think when the film makers are sloppy because they think the audience are idiots, it often shows in the rest of the work, and usually results in a bad product.


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