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Shodan, HurricaneDitka, and George Zimmerman: Three Racist Peas in a Racist Pod

In a recent thread, inspired by manson1972's controversial thread, I made the mistake of bringing up George Zimmerman. Boy, did that bring the racists out of the woodwork...

Shodan, you get to go first. You really need to realize that laws aren't always just, and that sometimes, a person can be a fucked up individual even if he isn't found guilty of a crime. Case in point, Zimmerman. Even if the story is exactly as you tell it -- Zimmerman followed Martin around, eventually losing him; then Martin stalked him and attacked him*, but Zimmerman was able to overpower him and shoot Martin -- then ZIMMERMAN IS STILL A FUCKED UP RACIST PIECE OF SHIT. Who died and made him Sheriff? Can you accept that even if it's totally legal, Zimmerman is human filth whose behavior makes the world LESS SAFE, not MORE? Especially considering how many violent gun-related incidents this motherfucker has been involved in since then?

No, of course you can't. Because he's a white man, and using a gun in "self defense", and so is beyond reproach.

*Apparently, we know Martin was the sort of deranged and violent individual who would do such a thing, because at one point he claimed to be a "no limit nigga" -- a heinous crime that clearly deserves the death penalty, delivered by Chubby Batman, AKA George Zimmerman.

Now, HurricaneDitka, if I had just read Shodan's posts, I wouldn't think it was possible to get any more racist and depraved. Luckily, you're here to set me straight. Where do I even start? Like Shodan, you ignore any evidence that doesn't line up with your way of thinking. You ignore Zimmerman's history of violence. You portray Martin as doubling back after reaching the safety of his father's house, despite the record not showing this at all, and in fact showing the opposite: Zimmerman approached Martin, who was tired from running and not yet at his father's house. Yet of course, you ignore this, because you've got an alternate theory. For some reason, Martin followed Zimmerman around and attacked him, unprovoked. You claim to have a theory that explains this, better than our "ridiculous" theory that Martin was scared of Zimmerman and attacked him in self defense. But you won't share this theory, because you're worried we'd find it "disgusting".

Well, Ditka, it's pretty obvious why you think Trayvon is guilty, and frankly, it IS disgusting.

I think my last post in the thread sums up my opinion of you two.

Originally Posted by Babale View Post
Let me just remind everyone what you guys are arguing...

Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
AFAICT, that history consists of shooting Martin in self-defense and later having two girlfriends accuse him of violence and then recant. Is that the "long and varied history of violence" we are to discuss?
Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
He was looking for a fight. Martin thought of himself as a bad-ass. Remember the whole "NO LIMIT NIGGA" thing?

He had been kicked out of school for drugs and theft and vandalism, his mother couldn't handle him, so she sent him to his father to see if his father could do any better.

Martin thought he was a tough guy. Maybe he was. Few people, however, are tougher than a bullet.

You fuck with enough people, sooner or later you find you fucked with the wrong people. He was only 17, so this was sooner.

So, people accuse Zimmerman of threatening them with guns, but that's no evidence that he may have done so to Martin. And yet, Martin is suspended because of possession of marijuana, and therefore he is a violent thug who most likely assaulted Zimmerman for no reason.

And your opinion of Zimmerman and Martin has nothing to do with the race of either individual.


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