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Official SDMB P&E Contest: Iowa and New Hampshire

Bragging rights are officially up for grabs, people. Bring it.

This contest will require our participants to predict the outcome of the top three in the Democratic Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire primary.

It's time to set aside your own opinions and see how well you can read the future. It's 31 days until Iowa and 39 until New Hampshire. Do you stick with your heart or do you call up Nate Silver and crunch some numbers? It's up to you.


Each player will be required to list the Top Three in each place like this:

1. Yang (34%)
2. Willliamson
3. Gabbard
New Hampshire
1. Steyer (30%)
2. Bloomberg
3. Yang
Players will also be required to state the percentage of votes/caucus the winner of each vote receives rounded to the nearest percent.

Each player will receive one point per correct call - candidate and place - for a maximum of 6 points. In event more than one player receives the most points we will proceed to the tiebreaker.

In the above example, a player who guesses Yang/Williamson/Gabbard and Steyer/Bloomberg/Yang would receive six points while someone who guesses Yang/Williamson/Gabbard and Steyer/Yang/Bloomberg would receive four points.
Ties will be broken using the percentage prediction for the top candidate in both contests. Players closest to the actual percentage will win. Players will lose one point in for every point their guess varies from the actual outcome. So if I player guesses Yang will win with 57% of the vote and he finishes with 5% that player will be debited -52 points.

In the unlikely event that we still have a tie following the tiebreaker the first person to make that guess will be our winner.
Entries will be accepted until the day before the Iowa Caucuses. Players may update their guesses as often as they'd like but for purposes of the tiebreaker their most recent guess is the one that controls.

Incomplete entries - those that omit the percentages, for example, or fail to select three candidates from each content - will be considered invalid.

The prize? Bragging rights. The right to know that you bested your peers. Bask in your glory. Bask.


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