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I'm chalking up the hair loss on my lower legs to the compression stockings I've worn for 20 years. I have no PAD, just varicose veins(thanks, Mom) The area above the top of the stockings is nearly as hairy as it was prior to wearing them. If it HAD to go away, why couldn't it have traveled up to my bald head?
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Zombies are hairless...did we make that clear? I mean, Brainnnsssss, or something. (This must be an oft googled condition).

I'm a guy who moved to Denver in January, and I wore jeans or long pants every day for the first 3 months. I noticed that I had developed hairless patches on my legs where the jeans rubbed the most. I ended up shaving my legs entirely, and now groom them about once a week (I know, I know...). I also have had the sock induced ankle baldness when I was wearing dress socks to work every day.

And I'm a perfectly healthy 38 year old, so it's not a circulation thing for me.
Old 07-03-2016, 11:08 PM
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Hair now gone on calves and thighs

I'm a 66 y/o guy who's worn atheletic socks most of my life. At about 55, I started to notice the hair loss on my calves and it was all gone within a few years. I thought the hair loss on the calves was from the socks, but now I think it has to do with aging and circulation. Now, I have no hair on my thighs as well. There are a couple of little sprigs above my knees, but that's it. I remember my father had no hair on his legs, but since he was already in his 50's when I was born, I don't know if he had hair before that. At any rate, I used to have fairly hairy legs that earned me the nickname "spider legs" from a couple of girlfriends. I still have lots of hair on my head and even though my hair may be thinning a bit, there's plenty of it and I"m only about 10% grey. I've talked to old friends that are the same age, and for the most part, they're having the same problem. By the way. even men under 40 can have phlebitis and other circulation problems even if they feel alright.

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Are you diabetic? That's what did it for me, and others.
Old 08-30-2016, 03:54 PM
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Hair on legs returning.

I'm in North Carolina...and I always hated the look of hair loss where I would wear socks. Thought I was immune to this and then it happened over a period of some point during my 40s. I'm now 59. During the winters here, long pants are necessary...generally I would wear jeans...and yes, the hair would go away rather quickly when I had to start wearing jeans again...which are the worst for making it the end of summer, the hair had begun to grow back. This year, I had to go to Palm Springs in April...and so this year have had a much more extended time to not wear long pants...and the hair has almost come entirely back...even places where it never had a chance to grow back...knees...calves and finally, for the first time at the sock line! What more proof does one need? I will be avoiding long pants this winter.
Old 02-25-2020, 03:57 PM
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Yeah yeah, I'm late to the convo...

My lower leg hair loss came from wearing combat boots for three years.

My girlfriend, now my wife, noticed it when we first started dating! It was VERY well defined! Now that I'm in my sixties, not so much.

But there is no question that the boots along with the socks were the cause.

Also, I started wearing a hat all the time after I got out of the Army because I was so well trained, I guess. The hair on my head is as thick as when I was 20 years old! So caps do not cause balding! At least not in my case.


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