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Help me with tomorrow's dinner. Please!

Got out of the hospital the end of July and haven't been up to snuff. Today, however, I felt the need to cook for my guys, who have been taking care of me, shuffling me back and forth to countless doctor appointments, the whole nine yards. Got on Peapod and ordered what I think I need for this dinner I'm making. The two types of chicken wings I think I have down pat (using two Tasty recipes) but the dessert and side veggies I'm making up in my head. You guys would tell me if these are going to work. Or ways of improving them, yes?

The dessert: I made a raspberry and blackberry compote today and put that in the fridge. I've got Pepperidge Farm frozen puff pastry cups. I've got cream cheese. I've also got plain Greek yogurt. My idea is to make some kind of filling but what would be best? Cream cheese and sugar whipped up then put compote on top? Mix yogurt and cc? Put compote on top then bake or after? Mix it all together?

For the side dish, my son came home from a weekend in Pennsylvania hill country with a gazillion Red Delicious apples. I have to do something with them. I have baby carrots. I have fresh already chopped up butternut squash. I was thinking of roasting them. I was thinking if I leave the skin on and cut them in really big chunks, the apples won't just fall apart in a tasteless mush but I'm not sure. Should I go savory and add onions? Or push the sweet with a bit of sprinkled brown sugar?

I also have chopped walnuts. I could cook them up with butter and honey and sprinkle them over either the dessert or sweet roasted veggies or butter and chili powder and sprinkle them over savory/sweet veggies.

Why, oh why didn't I just look up recipes instead of buying stuff off the top of my head? Did I think I was on Chopped or something? Please help.
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I really like the sound of the 'squash-carrot-apple delight'(yes I named it).
No onions IMO. Add the walnuts fer-sure!

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Bless your soul, Biggirl, and I hope you’re feeling better soon.

Give them kielbasa sausages you’ve roasted in the oven at 325 for ten minutes per side, plus mashed potatoes, and sauerkraut stewed with bacon, onion, caraway seed, and a bay leaf.

That will scare the SHIT out of them, but they will love it.
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You could peel/core a peck of the apples and put them in a crockpot. Low overnight or high for a few hours and you've got applesauce.

The frozen puff pastry cups I'd bake empty, cool, add Greek yogurt, then top with compote.
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Ike, the sausage will have to be a different day since i've already shopped.

I have enough apples for the Delight AND applesauce. And the cooking the cups ahead and filling them seems a lot easier too. Thanks!


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