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The only one character you liked / tolerated in a film or TV show

(Preferably not the leading actor.)

70's Show - Red.

Star Trek - hot Orion girl . Because ST was such a ridiculous behemoth of a franchise spanning over five decades in TV and film, Ima gonna cheat on my own OP and add Mugato . (I mean - come on)

Cloris Leachman as the whimsical, carefree Nurse Diesel in High Anxiety.

JT Walsh as the cheery, wolfish lawyer in The Last Seduction.

Bill Murray as the bemused, be-wigged assassination target in Jim Jarmusch's annoyingly cryptic Limits of Control. (liked the veged-out soundtrack)

Mr. Von Sydow as the evil brewmeister in Strange Brew.

Alec "brass balls" Baldwin in Glengarry Glenross.

Laura Harring as the mysterious temptress in Mulholland Drive.

Forest Whitaker as sneaky pool shark in Color of Money.

there could be a few more...
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Samson ("Carnivale" leader). runners up: Jonesy and Ruthie, carny and snake dancer

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Azhy Robertson's character Henry in Marriage Story, which was otherwise populated with characteris I could not warm to at all. Even the Alan Alda character wasn't particularly likeable for once.
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2010's The Fighter was full of irredeemably horrible characters - except Amy Adams's character Charlene. She played the only decent, empathetic human being in the entire film, and I kept wanting her to run, not walk, away from that awful family.


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