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Old 03-21-2020, 09:40 PM
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I can not think of a movie premise, based on a movie that I love, that I would be less interested in seeing than this. It's Pat would be Oscar nominee in comparison.

Sorry for those who saw it and liked it.
Old 03-21-2020, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Snowboarder Bo View Post
I've seen it and I don't think much of it as a film. One of my last favorite Coen Brothers films, for sure (prolly just ahead of The Hudsucker Proxy, in fact, and I loathe that film). But it does have a few good lines and 1 awesome scene, and like every Coen Brothers film, it does have fantastic performances. Mr. Turturro's, altho in a small supporting role, is memorably and hilariously over-the-top.
There is a lot going on. For film buffs, fans of noir and The Big Sleep itís deep. If you donít care for it thatís cool, but even in the seeming silly parts the Coen Brothers are creating clever powerful cinema.
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To those rendering their opinions on the movie without having seen it, I offer up a quote attributed to Herbert Spencer:
There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep one in everlasting ignorance — that principle is contempt prior to investigation.
Old 03-22-2020, 08:04 PM
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There is a school of thought that says one must see every single movie that comes out. Fuck that! Who has the time? What normal people do is find one or two reviewers with similar taste to one's own. Which is why I was so fond of Ebert, our tastes matched.

I'll not be seeing this movie, and no amount of bullying can make me.
The two most interesting things in the world: Other people's sex lives and your own money.
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Originally Posted by Alessan View Post
I'm not a huge fan of French cinema, but for whatever reason I've seen the original film on at least three occasions. It's morally reprehensible, to be sure, but in a cheerfully existential French sort of way (not to mention peak Depardieu). I can't imagine how it could ever work in any other language or culture, let alone in 2020.

I think you might be discussing a different film.

I've got it down on our to-be-watched list.
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Originally Posted by Sunny Daze View Post
I think you might be discussing a different film.
The Jesus Rolls is a remake of Les Valseuses (Going Places), 1974, starring Gťrard Depardieu, Patrick Dewaere and Miou-Miou - which is the film I was discussing.
Old 03-23-2020, 11:27 PM
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So many films I like were directed by actors, whether it's Paul Newman, Ronit Elkabetz, Jean-Louis Trintignant, or Nadine Labaki. They're trained to find ways to convey truths and are better at working together with other actors, so I understand why their projects are always strongly discouraged. If writers and actors get a bigger say in crafting films, that could be dangerous.

The Bertrand Blier original is still my favourite of these two, but I appreciated the balls...errr...irreverence of Turturro and am grateful for him not taking his audience for idiots like the films critics have to hype. I hope Turturro gets to make more films, certainly finding talent won't be any impediment.

And thanks for reminding me about this project, it was a long time coming, haha.

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