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Staircase wit: dreams edition

The scene: a forested mountain with an inexplicable rhinoceros. My dad and I are trying to get down the mountain without being charged. Unnervingly, we lose sight of Inexplicable Rhinoceros as he walks into a crevasse.
Dad: *makes a sardonic remark about the rhinoceros acting like a Democrat*
Me: *tried to think of something halfway witty* "Well he started out as a Republican..." *remembers that the wrinkled grey megafauna that represents the GOP is actually an elephant* *decides not to bother finishing the sentence*

Then, just as I'm waking up: "D'oh! I should have said that he started out as a Republican, but left because he was a RINO!"

*sigh* I guess my Successful Dream Humor Tally is still at 1.
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This dream I had a few months ago is a little weird and creepy, but I will tell it as it happened. I remember it specifically because it contained a halfway decent dream joke:

So I'm at a table with a few people at a Brazilian-style steakhouse, where they bring different types of meat to the table and cut slices off as you wish. Only in my dream, the waiter himself is made of different types of cooked meat, and offers to cut off parts of himself as we wish. He's explaining that the special of the day is his face, which is made of perfectly cooked medium-rare filet mignon, and he could cut off a cheek or two to serve.

The guy next to me leans over and says, "if I were you, I wouldn't order the rump roast".
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I got nuthin'. But I thought I should at least drop by and say hello.



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