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The chapter about Uqbar that's in some copies of the Anglo-American Cyclopaedia
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The Book of Sand is endless hours of fun for all ages! [ETA I see I already mentioned it. Never mind; get another copy.]

Also Achmed-the-I-Just-Get-These-Headaches's Book of Humorous Cat Stories

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Can I add a fictional work that I entirely made up? If so, I would nominate Rabelais's recently rediscovered lost novel Pantagruel and the Antichrist.

Synopsis: Pantagruel the Giant receives an urgent summons from the Pope, and (after some delay and sidetracking) arrives in Rome. The Pope explains that a renegade prince has, by abandoning every principle of Christian society, created an earthly paradise in his realm, setting a dangerous example for the rest of Christendom. The Pope urges Pantagruel to stop the renegade. Pantagruel agrees to do this even though he ends up finding much about the prince's experiment to admire, but concludes "men would never turn to God if they were happy in their sin". Pantagruel's two chief allies in this project are a cult of heretics, who moved to the prince's realm to obtain religious freedom only to be disappointed that they weren't permitted to impose their heresy on everyone else; and the jews, who rued the loss of their monopoly on moneylending.
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S. M. Stirling's book Conquistador mentions some books written about the history of the world on the other side of the Gate.

The Rise and Fall of the Alexandrian Empire
The Post-Alexandrian World
Folk Migrations in Early Historic East Asia
The Selang-Arsi Kingdoms
The Eastern Iranians
Post-Celtic Europe
At least my dog loves me.
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The book-within-a-short-story of the same title as George R.R. Martin's 1979 "The Way of Cross and Dragon," a heretical Gospel of Judas Iscariot in a fractured, distant-future Catholic Church.
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The novel The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966 by Richard Brautigan concerns a "librarian of a very unusual California library which accepts books in any form and from anyone who wishes to drop one off at the library—children submit tales told in crayon about their toys; teenagers tell tales of angst and old people drop by with their memoirs—described as "the unwanted, the lyrical and haunted volumes of American writing" in the novel."

It's been awhile so the only book I remember from it was a book about leather fetishes, constructed itself out of leather. But I'm sure there were other notable examples.

Interestingly, in honor of the novel, a library in Burlington (since moved) started it's own collection of unpublished works.
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The Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach and Enemy Mine by Barry Longyear both have spiritually themed quotes from books which only exist in those stories (I think The Handbook, and the Talmud, respectively). Though the latter got a few more passages and excerpts in the companion, The Enemy Papers.

The novelization of the various Robotech series has a quote from a different in universe work at the beginning of each chapter, which I suppose makes it like 5% epistolary.
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Isaac Asimov quoted from the voluminous, magisterial Encyclopedia Galactica at the beginning of many of his Foundation stories.


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