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Old 03-26-2020, 05:47 PM
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Doesn't virtually everyone in the US (or the developed world) have at least some of the usual vaccinations? So if "only vaccinated people are getting Covid-19", who is she referring to?
Old 03-26-2020, 07:11 PM
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Smart people that don't by into her woo?
Old 03-28-2020, 01:25 AM
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The ignorant scumbags are being now guided by fake news from anti high speed wifi dunderheads, Q-anon trolls and even Russian and Chinese bot trolls.
As the coronavirus - or to be precise Covid-19 - spreads around the world, getting accurate information about the disease becomes ever more important.

And in the social media age, that puts a heavy responsibility on the likes of Facebook and YouTube.

These are the platforms that billions now rely on for news and they are already providing fertile territory for those wanting to spread misinformation. On Facebook, it is in groups opposing vaccines and those campaigning against 5G mobile phone networks that scare stories appear most likely to take hold.

I've scanned a number of the 5G groups, and found plenty of comments suggesting there is a link between the virus and the new networks. The Stop 5G UK group has more than 27,000 members, one of whom has posted this: "I've heard it's not a serious "Virus", it's about as bad as a flu or cold. So really this is a perfect plan to cover up EMF/5G related illnesses."
On January 21st, QAnon YouTuber and professional shit-strirrer Jordan Sather tweeted a link to a patent for coronavirus filed by the U.K.-based Pirbright Institute in 2015. “Was the release of this disease planned?” Sather tweeted. “Is the media being used to incite fear around it? Is the Cabal desperate for money, so they’re tapping their Big Pharma reserves?” This theory quickly gained traction in many conspiracy theorist circles, with QAnon and anti-vaccine Facebook groups posting links to the patent suggesting that the government had introduced coronavirus, presumably to make money off a potential vaccine.

Adding fuel to the fire, Sather followed up by linking the Pirbright Foundation to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, based on a 2019 press release announcing that the foundation would be helping to fund an unrelated project to study livestock disease and immunology. (Along with other so-called “elites,” Bill Gates is a frequent target of QAnon conspiracy theories.) His inclusion was not particularly surprising, says Renee DiResta, research manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory. “Any time there is an outbreak story with a vaccine conspiracy angle, Gates is worked into it. This type of content was very similar to Zika conspiracies,” she tells Rolling Stone.
I had a nasty encounter with one video that a superior thought it was a good idea to share with all in the room. I was lucky to not get fired, it was propaganda disguised as a religious video from a "christian preacher" that, besides defending Donald Trump's early inaction, managed to link all the items mentioned here and even tossed the Illuminati in the end.

It is getting really nasty, but not surprising to me that the extreme right is attracted to yet again another conspiracy theory against science or knowledge. Marat would be proud.
Old 03-28-2020, 07:58 AM
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Yesterday a video titled '10 Herbs That Kill Viruses and Clear Mucus from Your Lungs' showed up in my Youtube feed. I have no idea why because I don't watch crap like that at all. I have reported the video but it is still up.
Old 03-28-2020, 08:10 AM
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Somehow I have been on a spam email list that gives me at least one email per day. They have an identical structure and layout, yet every one comes from a different address, which makes it impossible to block them. I'm quite sure they are from a single source, and this has been going on for years. The longevity of the campaign suggests it is not an experiment, but a profitable enterprise.

A common thread to this email series? 100% of them tout products (we can't call them medicines) that have no scientific validity whatsoever. One Hundred Fucking Percent!
Old 03-28-2020, 10:09 AM
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Health "professions" known for antivaccination attitudes also harbor practitioners who make false claims about coronavirus prevention/treatment.
Old 03-28-2020, 11:16 AM
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Yeah, Allison Patton is a piece of shit piece of work.
Old 03-28-2020, 11:32 AM
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Just dropped by to say that children are not the ones they are primarily putting at risk these days.
Old 03-28-2020, 11:58 AM
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Followup: another antivax naturopath doing her best to spread coronavirus contagion.


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