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Originally Posted by GuanoLad View Post
Interesting that you say that. Many would disagree. They'd say the Cara Dune episode in the village, and the Tatooine episode with Amy Sedaris were both filler, maybe the Bill Burr ep in the prison ship too. Though they introduced a character or two, or expanded on lore, they otherwise had little bearing on the main arc.

I personally didn't mind them, they did have a lot of great moments, and hey, it's only season 1, they're still finding their feet. I'll cut them some slack as they figure out how this new frontier of Star Wars works best.
I'd disagree. The show is about a bounty hunter on the run in the Fringe with the kid/bounty he's protecting. It's going to have episodes about that. The Cara Dune episode in the village is very much about that - it definitively establishes why he can't just hunker down and hide out, or try to hide Baby Yoda somewhere. The Tatooine episode and the Bill Burr ep in the prison ship aren't as directly on-point, but they do establish important character elements and background.

Even if you count those as "filler" episodes, though, within each episode, there's no filler. Each scene, and pretty much every single shot of each scene, moves the characters and story of that episode forward. The exact opposite of all too many Netflix shows, which have characters standing around talking aimlessly and dithering instead of actually doing stuff.


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