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Old 03-24-2020, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Mama Zappa View Post
I visited Costco ...
They had canned tomato products - I got a gallon of tomato sauce to go with the gallon of whole tomatoes from the grocery store. Now what to do with them!!!
You were in Costco and didn't grab the giant bottles of vodka to mix with your tomato products? Add enough vodka to liquify the tomato sauce in the blender.
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Originally Posted by PoppaSan View Post
You were in Costco and didn't grab the giant bottles of vodka to mix with your tomato products? Add enough vodka to liquify the tomato sauce in the blender.
LOL!! Nope - in my state, vodka is only sold at state-run ABC stores
Old 03-25-2020, 03:22 AM
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Here in Hawaii, it's panic buying still. The islands get about 95% of products by sea in containers. Some jerk a couple of weeks ago started a rumor of port closures. Quickly debunked but not until hoarding fever infected the populace.

Folks gang up at the stores the day after the container ships unload. I just drive by with the lines around the Costco store. Ironically, will all the business and tourist closures, gas lines are non-existent.

I do monitor the household TP levels. We (two of us plus daughter and granddaughter here from Korea) are 13 full rolls beside what's on the dispensers. Still far from DEFCON 1.
Old 03-25-2020, 06:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Mama Zappa View Post first thought is that once the panic buying settles down a bit ,normal restocking processes should begin to keep up with more normal demand. Right?
Assuming that there is a normal SUPPLY of the goods.

Of course, the panic buying started because people had reason to believe (right or wrong) that this supply was about to be disrupted.
Old 03-25-2020, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Tibby View Post
Not only was he an idiot, he smelled bad, too. Alas, surgical masks donít filter out foul smells, either.

Old doctor trick, after laundering repackage your mask in a small bag with a drop of eucalyptus [or whatever] essential oil. Beats the irritation of constant vicks under the nostrils. my moms doctor back in the 50s liked lavendar oil, apparently. the doc that I took gross anatomy from mentioned it when some of my fellow students complained about the smell of the autopsy room.

think upon it sort of like hte old plague doctor and the cone filled with herbs =)
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I was at the supermarket a couple of days ago, and despite the fact that the country has been on lockdown, it seems to be fairly well stocked. There's plenty of toilet paper and paper towels, albeit of a brand I've never seen before; I'm curious to hear the story behind that. There are some weird gaps on the shelves - plenty of regular all-purpose flour, but absolutely none of the "fancy" flours (bread flower, pizza flour etc.). I wonder why that is.
Old 03-25-2020, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Mama Zappa View Post
Aha - here's the basic 5 minutes a day recipe.
If yeast is scarce, this recipe is good:
Old 03-25-2020, 10:28 AM
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Local supermarket is very low on paper goods, low on eggs and a little low on chicken. Generally well stocked now including kitty litter after being low stocked in a lot of areas last Friday.

We got yeast yesterday, a tough one last week. I think things are improving in the Supermarket supply chain as hoarders have done most of their hoarding and panic buyers feel they're in better shape now.


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