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Play on words. “Hors d’oeuvres.”
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Originally Posted by nearwildheaven View Post
Um, what? I don't get the "horse ovary" reference.
Hors d'oeuvres
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Originally Posted by nearwildheaven View Post
I loved those when I was a small child. Don't think I've eaten them since, and I'm tempted now to buy some next time I see them to find out if they really are as nasty as everyone says they are.
My 95 year old Mom loves them. Of course she's on lockdown in memory care. Maybe I stock up and hope I see her again
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Originally Posted by Asuka View Post
On the otherhand all Peanut Butter in the normal sized jars (16 ounce iirc) was still there but the bigger "family sized" jars were all out, so people are just buying peanut butter to horde and not immediately eat it seems.
I always buy those big jars because we actually go through them and per serving they are a great deal. I have a teen and a pre-teen and especially now since I can't even buy food I have a difficult time eating enough protein and calories to make it through the day. So the PB comes in handy. The 16 oz jar could be wiped out in a day at my house.


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