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Originally Posted by TokyoBayer View Post
Leaving their obvious poor judgement aside, it won’t be long before they outgrow this stage.
My kids outgrew it 10-12 years ago. Haven't paid any attention to Father's Day since.
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Lately whenever a gift-giving occasion for my parents comes up, I find a restaurant in their vicinity that offers gift cards and I buy them one, enough to easily cover a dinner for two, usually $50-75. I figure they don't need any more "stuff" and I like to try and get them out of the house, together. They tend to just sit around the house unless someone gives them a reason to go out. So far they seem to be really enjoying it.


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World peace. And a game day with my family.
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Originally Posted by Sparky812 View Post
I'd like a win for my Little League game I'm coaching in the morning, then hopefully a nice undisturbed nap for the afternoon. FTR, there's more chance of the former than the latter.
My prediction was bang on!

Note to previous self...
Don't put #8 in at 2nd base in the 5th it would have made the game much shorter and less stressful.

Also, feed cat and explain what Do Not Disturb means to my 9 year old daughter!
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I'd like my 32 YO stepdaughter to get a job, so my wife doesn't have to sneak her a monthly support check. It would be like those sappy movies where the daughter wraps up a positive pregnancy test for her parents to open, except that I'd get a copy of her completed W-4.
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For fathers' day, I hope my children will ask me to teach them how to cook a favorite food that I made for them when they were children. I want them to tell me how a joke that I used to tell got a big laugh when they remembered it and told their friends. I want them to say that something I taught them helped them solve or at least outlast a problem in their lives. Most of all I want them to demonstrate that they are happy and healthy, and know that I helped with that, at least a little.


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