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Crab alfredo omelette

Yesterday was a nice day, and Barlean's Fishery opened a store nearby. It was a great chance to take the MGB for a spin. Mrs. L.A. wanted me to pick up a couple of live Dungeness crabs. I got two for $60, which yielded just over a pound of meat. We each ate half of a crab, and we picked the rest of the meat out of the shells for later.

This morning I made omelettes. Four eggs, three ounces of the cooked crab, and alfredo sauce made from butter, flour, milk (we didn't have any cream), and freshly-grated parmesan cheese. I put a reasonable amount of the crab alfredo sauce inside of the omelettes, and put the rest of the sauce on top when I plated them. Yeah, I'll be doing that again.

Mrs. L.A. will use the remaining five ounces of crab meat in a crab-and-spinach quiche tomorrow.
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Sounds good. I've never tried crab and eggs with alfredo. I grew up preparing and eating crab meat omelettes, which consisted of just jumbo lump crab meat and Old Bay. Sometimes added some cheese or onions. Or made a "crab hash" with cheese, onions, peppers, tomatoes on top of home fries.
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Just to be clear on the process: I made the roux and put in the milk. When it thickened, I added the crab meat. Once it was heated through, and when the eggs were about done, I removed the pan from the heat and stirred in the grated parmesan cheese.

For the omelette, I used a 12-inch non-stick pan sprayed with Pam. (See? I'm cutting down on cholesterol! ) I set the stove element to 3, which is pretty low. I poured the beaten eggs/milk/salt/pepper into the pan, and then covered it with a glass lid. This way, I can make one big omelette and serve half of it to each of us. The lid ensures the omelette cooks through without having to flip it, and the low heat keeps it from getting too done on the bottom.

Half of the omelette received two serving spoons of the crab alfredo sauce. The other half (divided in half) was folded over, the lid was put back on while I heated the breakfast plates, and then the omelettes (or omelette halves) were plated and the remaining sauce was put on top.
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This sounds really good. I may just try it myself.


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