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Game of Thrones Peacekeeping Rules - MUST READ

Unfortunately, discussions about Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice And Fire is one of the few subjects where this board encounters severe problems. This is a facet of the massive Greater Internet debate about the "right" level of spoiler attitude/policy, which I will not attempt to resolve here. However, due to the massive potential inherent in this series/show of having the fun ruined for those just trying to follow one of the best and most exciting shows on TV, and the intense heat this generates in our posters, I will take steps. A good and recent example, prominent from myriads earlier only by virtue of its' recent date, is this thread. It had a lifetime of 30 hours before closing. By that time, it had generated 19 posts (out of 92) about the meta-subject of spoilers, 16 thread reports, 8 PMs, 4-emails, two unsuccessful interventions and one bloody mess. A good day's work for any mod concentrated in one thread.

So, yes. This topic is officially Special. Again.

So here's the 2014 Spoiler Policy for Game of Thrones threads. Active between now and one month after the airing of the final episode of this season. Participation not voluntary.

All GoT/ASOIAF threads must be clearly marked with one of the following spoiler levels:
[Fully And Openly Spoiled - See Sticky]
[Boxed Spoilers - See Sticky]
[Show only/NO BOOK DICUSSION - See Sticky]​

Fully And Openly Spoiled
All spoilers from all sources are allowed. No restrictions on discussion. Caveat Emptor.

Boxed Spoilers
Spoilers, defined as content not yet aired in the TV Show, or at the point where the OP declares he/she is in the show/books, or from non-Show sources, must be boxed and declared. Use your head. If in doubt, spoiler box it. A certain degree of reader discretion is advised as someone will inevitably forget themselves.

Show Only
For the show purists. This includes, but is not limited to, information from the books, TV guides, webzines, ONLINE previews, interviews, promotions, commercials and so on and forth. Previews aired as an epilogue to the show, directly after the show, are fine as there is a reasonable expectation of these being seen by everyone. If you are against previews, put NO SPOILERS/PREVIEWS in the title instead. Do not come into episode-specific threads from the future and post spoilers revealed in later episodes either, as people frequently use these threads as companions while catching up.

Q: How will these categories be moderated?
A:The first category will essentially not be moderated, except for behaviour out of bounds on this message board in general.

The second category will be moderated to inevitably box or declare spoilers when someone forgets themselves.

The third category will be - harshly - moderated to remove inappropriate spoilers entirely. I encourage OPs of the third category to copy and paste my description above to remind the participants. With the clarity of this spoiler policy, I will have very little patience for repeat offenders, or individuals who should know better, in these threads.

Q: What about the international audience?
A: We are going by US airing times. I'm in Norway myself and understand the plight of our international posters well. But it's the only workable solution on this US dominated board. Any consideration made during the airing of a particular episode is voluntary, but of course also appreciated.

Q: What should I do if I discover inappropriate posts?
A: Do not Junior Mod. If someone posts inappropriately, report the post and walk away. Do not start fights. If one starts anyway, do not participate.

Q: I object! Or, I'm unsure.
A: All meta-discussion about the Spoiler levels will take place in ATMB. All grousing, questions or bribes can be conveyed to me via PM. I understand that this rigid stratification, exceptional as it is in this forum, will make some of you deeply unhappy on principle. Please be assured that it's not something I or my colleagues sanction without a lot of consideration. It's a given I can't please everyone, but I will make an attempt to make sure everyone has a place where they can discuss this shared interest of ours on their own level with a reasonable expectation of safety - on both sides. This thread may be updated to reflect adaptation or changes. In that case it will be clearly labeled in the title.

Q: I reported this spoiler like 5 hours ago. Nothing has happened!
A: Please understand that I am the only moderator with the background to arbitrate in these disputes and that it will take some time for me to get to everything.

Q: So this show now has its' own set of Rules? Will violating these rules be counted as the same as breaking general board rules?
A: No. Violating these rules will be interpreted as a subset of the general rules this board operates on. Someone who repeatedly or flagrantly posts spoilers in a No Spoiler thread may be interpreted as Trolling, or at least Being A Jerk, depending on context and their posting history. So will attempting to game the rules. Someone who forgets to tag their thread appropriately will just have their title edited. Posters who wear "I <3 Joffrey" t-shirts will be punched in the throat. And so on.

Q: Who died and made you King?
A: That would be a spoiler, wouldn't it?

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I'm sticking this thread again as the rules in there are still ongoing.
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Restickied since questions have arisen again about the rules in GoT threads.
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Given that the show is now over and can no longer be spoiled, I'm going to declare these rules obsolete. You'll have to find something else to argue about.; I'm going to unsticky this thread and let it sink to the bottom an join the Drowned God.

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