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Originally Posted by Clarisse McClellan View Post
Tom Petty's Free Fallin'

Opening guitar riff but also "All the vampires walkin through the valley
Move west down Ventura Boulevard"

I look forward to the harmony in "Ventura Boulevard" every time.
Oh! Reminds me of Willie's "Red Headed Stranger" and the harmony on "We'll stroll hand in hand again." It's the only harmony in the whole song.
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Perfect endings: that bird at the end of Layla, and Janis's evil laugh at the end of Mercedes Benz.

I love this thread.

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The OP gives you a big "thank you."

Tom Paxton's Born on the Fourth of July (about paralyzed Vietnam war veteran Roy Kovic) has this marvelous verse:

In my wheelchair for life
My mechanical wife
I'm supposed to be cheerful and stoic.
I'm your old tried-and-true
Yankee Doodle to you.
Clean cut (dramatic pause) paralyzed and heroic.
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Originally Posted by Telemark View Post
About 2:20 into Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls" the drum riff is just perfect.

Two notes in Yes's "Yours in No Disgrace" at just the right time, at 8:12 into the over 9 minute song.
Some versions of Fat Bottomed Girls have a quick, "clap clap" during a brief pause. I can't find it on Youtube, but here is the Glee version
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Two things that I love singing along to whenever the song comes up:

Those "Rha da dant da's" in The Proclaimers' "I'm Gonna Be" (aka "I would walk 500 miles").

"Little old lady got mutilated late last night" from Zevron's "Werewolves of London"--not the sentiment, but all those Ls.
Miss Elizabeth Mapp might have been forty, and she had taken advantage of this opportunity by being just a year or two older.
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Some bits off the the top of my head include the following Beatles bits:
Interplay between groovy baseline and lead guitar lick in this "Deer Prudence" bit.
Galloping bass in "Old Brown Shoe". (heh - or is that guitar?)

Jon Anderson's little "woo-do-ooo-ya" (or whatever) at exactly 3:10 .

Two bits here from The Folksmen:
Guest's baaah-ing sheep-like "Welllllllllllll" and Shearer's "E......A......O's"

For a super tiny bit - John's "ooo" segue (from refrain to verse) at exactly 1:52

The Skids (eventually became Big Country, I think) - total night and day tempo (everything!) change at exactly 0:52

The wonderful Seth Putnam going "No way!" (followed by sublime guitar licks that pan between left and right channels) at exactly 46:51
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The Eagles' acapella close harmon on Seven Bridges Road.
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Figured I'd maybe read the thread, this time:

Originally Posted by El_Kabong View Post
In the same vein as your second example, the insane seque from "Friends" to "Celebration Day" on Led Zeppelin III.
Yes, always a great segue.

Originally Posted by Annie-Xmas View Post
Fleetwood Mac: On the first line of the chorus, the female voices sing "You can go your own way," and the man kicks in "GO YOUR OWN WAY." I love the way he sings it.
In that song, I like Lindsay's scorching guitar noodling (3:22) at the end of his solo.

Originally Posted by Annie-Xmas View Post
Hall & Oates "Private Eyes" (clap, clap) they're watching you. I love the clap, clap.
Speaking of claps, I like the ones in in "O-bla-di, O-bla-da" at the five second mark , and how they double up with the snare at the beginning of Cinnamon Girl .

Originally Posted by UltraVires View Post
The guitar riff in Boston's "More Than A Feeling." It really should be illegal to play in the car because when I look down I am doing 87mph.
Heh, the mutated "Louie Louie" riff.

Originally Posted by Jack Batty View Post
In The Simple Minds' Don't You Forget About Me... 3:43[/URL].
Ah yes, the hi-hat/snare interplay, there, makes it one of my all time favourite drum fills. Snazzy as fuck.

Originally Posted by KneadToKnow View Post
In high school, I had that same problem with "Synchronicity II" by the Police. I actually took the tape out of my car.
Same feeling. Hated "Top Gun", but always thought that "Sync II" would've enhanced some of the flight scenes. (As well as Genesis's "Duke's End".)

Just a couple more of what I'm sure there's tons:

The cough in VU's "Who Loves the Sun" at 1:05 . I guess they tried to edit it out for the remastering, but you can still just barely hear it, with headphones. (btw - headphones are an imperative for the guitar-panning splendour in the AxCx number, in my previous post, #156).

The sneaky, slightly farty bass(?) (or farfisa?) riffs all throughout Zep's "Custard Pie", most notable here at exactly 0:30 .

I looooove the flowing guitar riff at 0:19 in Steely Dan's "King of the World".

Don't know why this tune gives me goose bumps - maybe it's the way The Turtles sing the chorus in a major key at 1:41 and then shift the chorus into a minor, more "heartwrenching" key at 1:58. (heh - or maybe it's the louche swagger to the drumming that's doin it for me.)

Steve Gadd's fills in the "Aja" title track. Actually - frick it - the rest of his drumming outro-ing the song, especially that totally hoppin, salsa-inflected beat carried mainly on the cup of the ride: scrumptious.

John Wetton goin "WOO!" at 8:29 in "Fracture".

Jimi's wavering guitar at beginning of "Foxey Lady" (here, in this pretty cool Miami video. )

Billy's ack-kack-kack-kack's .

The epic, suspense-building opening minute or so of IMO Queen's RAWKINGEST number, "You Are Here" .

More farty goodness - the farfisa organ at the beginning of IMO Stevie Wonder's catchiest number, "Boogie On Reggae Woman" .

Two ZZ top drum fills from "La Grange" at 1:09 and 2:20 .


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