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Drum Kit Foot Pedal Sliding

Over time, relatively quickly, the foot pedal slides to the right and away from the large drum. There is a carpet. The large drum itself is sliding away -- forward, but much slower.

How do I handle this?
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Can you lift the carpet? If so, magnets. Strong rare-earths attached to the drum stuff and under the carpet where you want the components to stay.
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They make kick drum anchors for precisely this problem. $14 at Sweetwater. My drummer loves the one I got for him.

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Moved to Cafe Society.

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Originally Posted by Colibri View Post
Moved to Cafe Society.
Wow. The problem was much bigger than imagined!
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When I did gig setup for a friend of mine for a couple years, we had a technique of duct taping the forward feet of both bass drums to the floor using 6'ish 10-inch pieces of duct tape per drum foot. Prior to this, he always complained of kicking his drums away from him while playing. This taping ritual was done to EVERY item of his kit every time we set up: 2 bass drums, 4 toms, ride, 4 splash, china, snare, seat, and more stuff I can't remember. Eventually, I just started setting up his kit on a particular large piece of office-quality carpet I always brought with for this reason. Duct tape stuck to it very well and I had sharpie-outlined every drum foot and other contact point for faster and repeatable setup.


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