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R.I.P. Norma Miller

Was just looking up some earlier performances by the "Queen of Swing" and happened to notice that she died just two days ago, at the age of 99.

The cause was congestive heart failure, said her friend John Biffar, director of “Queen of Swing,” a 2006 documentary about her life.

“She had just cut four new tracks,” he said. “They were playing her music for her when she passed.”

Ms. Miller was among the last links to the glory days of Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom, a racially integrated dance hall where big bands led by Chick Webb and Benny Goodman dueled from opposing stages, fueling the steps of jitterbug dancers who bounded across the maple-and-mahogany hardwood under crystal chandeliers.[...]

She was also considered the last surviving member of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, a legendary Savoy troupe. The swing dance style — involving dancers who turned themselves into human propellers with their spinning and tossing — reportedly was named for transatlantic aviator Charles Lindbergh.

Honed by performers including Frankie “Musclehead” Manning, Leon James, Al Minns, and Billy and Willa Mae Ricker, the Lindy Hop was effectively “swing dance at lightning speed,” said dancer and choreographer Debbie Allen, who is planning a feature film based on Ms. Miller’s life.
Ooh, now that is a movie I would like to see. Where will they get the dancers for it, though?
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There is still a Lindy Hop scene. A friend of mine is into it, and attends Lindy Hop gatherings in San Francisco about weekly. He also travels to Lindy Hop conferences (or whatever they're called) a few times a year. So there should be enough quality dancers to stage a movie, I'd think.

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There are plenty of dance demonstrations on youtube. I was curious about 'The Black Bottom' and found some videos, done by young people in regular modern clothes. Therefore, I'm sure there are people doing The Lindy Hop, under the radar, all over, even today.
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I hope this is more available than Debbie Allen's other swing dance movie. It was never released to vidio or any thing I finally got to see it on YouTube.

The current swing dance community is quite large.


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