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Old 10-09-2014, 05:00 PM
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Freaked out, kill it with fire: cockroaches!

Five days ago I ambled into my kitchen first thing in the morning to start coffee, flipped on the light and AAGHHH HOLY SHIT FUCK A COCKROACH ON MY KITCHEN COUNTER!!!! So then I let the dogs out, went back to bed whimpering and considered my options.

I've never lived anywhere with cockroaches. I'm not sure I've even seen one in well over a decade except when my brother was living in a NYC apartment and had them. I am extremely disturbed by this, even moreso after reading stuff like "if you see one, there's 1,000 of them in your walls." I've been flinching and steeling myself against the sight of one of those disgusting little motherfuckers every time I turn on a light or open a cabinet door.
(It was definitely a cockroach, BTW. In times past I've seen plenty of them. Probably an American cockroach, since it was about six feet[ an inch long.)

What I did:
Read up online, including searching SDMB and so yes, I have read Cecil's column on borax and roach elimination.
Bought a jumbo package of roach motels and a borax roach control powder. I have both, everywhere, right now.
Have been maniacally cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen and bathroom. Even pulled the stove and fridge out and cleaned under and behind. I'm not the best of housekeepers but not horrible either. Right now my house is as clean as it's ever been.

My questions:
Where did this thing come from? I've owned this house for four years. The nearest dwelling to me is a good 100 feet away and I am assured he has nothing of the sort, and I know he also keeps a clean house. My line of work (painting contractor) gets me working in all sorts of locations. Usually nicer homes. But in the last couple of months I have painted two supermarkets. Is it possible that I tracked in eggs or something on my shoes?
Please tell me that it's not true that for every visible roach, there might be a thousand more. Or I might just have to sell my house and move somewhere even colder. I'd rather not do that.
Since dusting and putting out the roach motels, I haven't seen any dead ones. Or live ones. Shouldn't I be seeing room temperature, upside-down roaches? Is it possible I have a Lone Roach? (The desired answer would be yes, here.)
Apart from seeing roaches dead or alive, do they leave any other signs of infestation? I've not seen anything resembling roach poop. Ugh.
Is there anything else I can do? The next step is professional bombing but I am hoping that if I'm proactive that I can nip this thing in the bud.

Thank you.

/grossed out.


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