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Originally Posted by Locrian View Post
It just seems like if CMG ever got her in bed, he'd be
...apologizing through a stream of tears before he even got his pants off.
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Obviously the only way to score with this girl is to already have a girlfriend, that's what she's clearly into. So go out and hire a prostitute to come back to your apartment and pretend to be your new girlfriend.

Guaranteed the "unattainable girl" will be yours as soon as your paid girlfriend walks out the door.
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Well its all over. I had a long day of work and was in a bad mood when i got home. she was hanging out with the guy neighbor upstairs and i could hear them being loud and carrying on. When she came back down we got into a fight and i told her to move out. shes now packing up all her stuff while screaming at me through my bedroom door.
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Sounds like you handled that responsibly!
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Did you go into the whole married boyfriend thing? Did you tell her you loved her? Sorry it came to an ugly fight.
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Originally Posted by CMG View Post
she was hanging out with the guy neighbor upstairs and i could hear them being loud and carrying on.
Like, the floorboards were squeakin?
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Originally Posted by Ambivalid View Post
Like, the floorboards were squeakin?
Seems like a safe bet...
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How about a long long overdue update. I didn't go back to read what i wrote 6 years ago. Im sure its pretty cringe. My only hope is that someone will benefit from my experience.
After all these years she is finally moving out. My main memory of my orginal post looking back is how depressed I was. Also ignoring all the advice that people gave me. We had a lot of ups and downs over the last 6 years. We managed to function not too bad most of the time. I worked a lot and she had a couple of long term boyfriends. Every now and again some new guy would come along and upset me. Id get over it and we'd go back to normal. I never really thought we'd get together. I just liked living in the fantasy world where it was a slight possibility. I was open to dating but put no effort into it at all. All the time we were together nothing happened or ever came close to happening.
However 6 months ago she got day drunk and said out of the blue we should hook up. Its the most surprised and overwhelmed ive been in my life. We kissed and stuff but I didn't let it go beyond that. She also said a lot of stuff that made me think she was really into me in a real way. Im super pessimistic and have low self esteem so im not exaggerating what she said. The next day she went back to normal. I had no idea what was going on. Was it just drunk talk or what. Did she want me to move things along. I was so stressed out about the whole situation I ended up going to therapy lol. I eventually confronted her and she said she meant what she said but it would never work and she'd eat me alive. Which is true. We hooked up after that conversation and came close a few more times but it was understood it was casual and not a big deal. Things went back to normal until she started being a little bit more casual bringing guys around and my jealousy flared up. By this time it was no secret that I was super Jealous and we decided it wasn't fair to either of us and she is moving out.

In therapy I learned a fair bit about why im so attracted to her. present by emotionally unavailable mother, just like my roommate lol. Her moving out has been not fun at all. All these emotions are flooding out of me. It honestly feels like im breaking up with her even though we were never really together. That honestly makes it worse. Mourning a relationship that only existed in my weirdo brain. The worst thing is that even if I had a time machine and went back, id probably still stay with her lol. Attraction is alot more complicated then I could ever imagine. I feel nothing but sympathy for people that are attracted to the wrong type of person.
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Sounds like you could do with more therapy. You were in a long-term, really convoluted, unhealthy roommate relationship that got even more so when you two hooked up. Did you start dating other women? I'd think that'd be tough to do with your obsession living with you.

You've made progress through therapy, but forming and ending new relationships helps us mature emotionally, and living with her all this time kept you from normal learning and maturing. Your continued jealousy is also a sign that all's not well with your psyche.

Look at this as the time for a fresh start, one that, with therapy to help your insecurity and low self-esteem, could lead you to a happier, healthier life.

Best of luck.


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