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halloween costumes

it's that time of year. i go into the funky thrift stores, i search my mind for some creative inspiration . . . and i CAN NEVER THINK OF A COOL HALLOWEEN COSTUME!

what's the coolest costume you've worn or seen?
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bee with an itch bee with an itch is offline
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-my ex-BF went as Axl Rose in a top hat
-a fellow student wore a suit with leaves glued all over it, gelled his hair back (as if blowing in the wind) and he carried an umbrella inside out....oh, and the tie he wore had a wire attached on the back of it, and it was bent upwards (as if his tie was blowing in the wind)....it was the most creative thing I've ever seen
~Never play leapfrog with a Unicorn~
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Usually what I do is take one of your average costumes and add the phsyco killer image to it or the zombie image. I've been Phsyco killer maid,zombie sock hop girl,Evil Dorothy and many more. I usually get a good reaction from them. Perhaps you should try the same.

Oh my god! I only have 24 days left to pick my costume.
What will I wear?
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I'm g
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As I was saying, I'm going - probably - as a scary suicide bomber (trenchcoat, harness, fake dynamite, wires, brass alarm clock).

There's been some local objection to that one though, so maybe it's back to the ol' scary ghost costume; white sheet over head, sewn from ground to wrists, 2 holes, repeat every year.

My favorite costume was a scary tiger. I was 5.
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bobo bobo is offline
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I figured I'd get crazy this year, just athletic socks and running shoes... go as the crazy, bald, streaker with a large penis...

oh wait, oct 31st... that's gonna be cold... make that the "crazy ,bald, streaker with a miniscule..."

you get the point...

(once again: I shouldn't try to be witty... I always fail.)
just the mumblings of a monkey

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Back in the Eighties, I went to a Hallowe'en party at Palladium. I wore all blue: clothes, lipstick, gloves, stockings. Then I festooned myself with maxi-pads and tampons. When people asked what I was, I'd proudly tell them, "Picasso's Blue Period."
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Ethilrist Ethilrist is offline
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Girls: Gorilla suit with a ballerina's outfit on over it.
Guys: Gorilla suit with a robin hood outfit on over it.
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hedra hedra is offline
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Screaming b*tch from h*ll - super sexy clothes (teddy, backseams, etc.) with one of those scream half-masks (lower half of the face is the mask, screaming mouth. Very freaky mess-with-your-head costume (not mine, BTW).

My son went as a PB&J sandwich last year. I thought that was pretty clever for an almost 4-yewar-old (he was the jelly part of the sandwich). Not that this helps you any...

I remember a guy in college who went as a shower... can't rememebr how he supported the shower 'rod' (a ring of pipe), but had a shower curtain hanging around him, and wore flip flops under it. Many people were afraid to look to see if he was wearing something inside...

You could always steal a page from my little brother's sketch book - get a politician mask, and some clown makeup and clown clothes, and make up the politician mask as a clown. (Little bro did a superior portrait of Ross Perot as a clown - but in a visionary pose, so you weren't sure if he was saying that the guy was a visionary who was seen as a clown, or a clown who was seen as a visionary...)
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Second Guest Second Guest is offline
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I was once a chicken walking backwards--tail in front, face on the back of the head, feet on the wrong way, etc.--It made for an interesting effect, but the other kids kept walking up behind me and getting insulted when I apparently ignored them.

The next year I was just a plain old polar bear. (But then everyone wanted a bite of my giant fish-shaped cookie.)
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Osakadave Osakadave is offline
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I won my local bar's costume contest with a pirate costume - pj pants loose black ruffled shirt, etc. the devil was in the details - 1 yard stick sword wrapped in foil, a hook, and the bottle of capt. Morgan's. My favorites I've worn include the zombi cowboy and various vampires.
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ResIpsaLoquitor ResIpsaLoquitor is offline
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Build your own Boba Fett

Sick. Just sick. I've been at work on mine since June.
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OOooh, my favorite holiday...although I have to say I go for group ensembles when possible.

One year I went with a crew as "the shit" and his fly grrllzz. We raided the dollar store and came up with great fly costumes for the girls. We spraypainted cheap sunglasses and wings, puffy painted black t-shirts and had foil wrapped antennae and fly swatters. We made extra legs by stuffing pantyhose with tp and tying each set of "legs" to our arms...the effect was quite stuffing. Chris, our token male had brown everything including watchcap with fake turd sewn to the top (maybe it was just taped, we WERE in college.) His body was wrapped in voluminous folds of brown fabric that we cinched in with rope and stuffed with tp to give a really authentic look to.

Another year, same crew/same party, we went as the cast of batman- Chris was two-face and Amanda and I were his Sugar 'n Spice. He got a cheap suit from the thrift store and got all dressed up, then I went to work on one half of him with scissors, spray paint, liquid latex, and crazy-ass make-up. He was stunning, and as long as Amanda and I stayed beside him we made a fab ensemble- Granted whenever I strayed I got some interesting propositions in my super-kinky slut-suit....but we had a great time!!

The poison ivy costume took easily as much effort and was stunningly pulled off that year. We had a bunch of ivy left over from a previous toga fete and thought that it would look fab completely covering a strapless pleather boustiere. paired with green tights, spray-painted kelly green Rose's pumps and red hair dye, the outfit was topped off with a superb facepainting job. my roomate pulled off a reasonable approximation of Uma Thurman...damn!!
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Originally posted by bobo
I figured I'd get crazy this year, just athletic socks and running shoes...
If you wore roller skates instead of the shoes, you could go as a pull toy.
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FCM, you delight as always.

Back to the OP: Every year, I go as a drunk, dressed as myself.

I always impress!
The continuing stooOOory of a quack who's gone to the dogs.
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I just got back from Archon here in St. Louis. There was a guy dressed up as Cobra Commander complete with blue hood and Cobra cane, one as Destro with the steel face and big medalion, a girl as the Baroness, and a whole bunch of guys dressed up as the generic Cobra soldiers complete with blue Cobra helmets and red scarfs.

Nothing quite as crazy as seeing Destro and Cobra Commander on the dance floor. FWIW Cobra Commander had some moves.
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Did he perform his patented "Kick-in-the-TV-Screen" move? Man, that rules!
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My daughter on my suggestion went as Wonder Girl, a take off of Wonder Woman. Ever since I found out I was having a daughter, I told my husband, I am going to make her Wonder Girl.

Got a pair of Blue Skorts, ironed on White Stars, got her a Wonder Woman shirt, got a Golden Belt with Magic Lasso, Gold and Silver Bracelets made, found a Gold Crown and got a Red Star Glued to it, and my mother in law made her a Wonder Woman Cape.

She has also been Cheerleaders (Jacksonville Jaguars, and University of DE), Lion, Tiger, Butterfly, and this year a Red Dragon and Supergirl.
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Leifsmama Leifsmama is offline
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I'm trying to get together a Willy Wonka costume for Leifsdad and the two kids and I are going to be Oompa-Loompas.
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My special gift, one that has earned me the nickname "The MacGuyver of Costuming", is making costumes out of stuff I already have in my dorm room. In the past I've pulled off some pretty good looking costumes this way, including a RHPS Magenta out of a black dress, two white shirts, and toilet paper, and a Zev (from Lexx) out of a white tank top, black sports bra, a twist-tie, and my roommate's black belt.

I think for Halloween I will combine my frilliest thrift-store dress with a wig and makeup from last Halloween and go as a porcelin doll. If I can scrounge up some cardboard and foil I'll make a big key and go as a wind-up dancing doll.
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Robot Arm Robot Arm is online now
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I have a costume that makes me look exactly like a six year old. Get some kid's clothes (including a hooded sweatshirt) and shoes, pin them together and stuff them to form a body but leave the head empty. Then get a hooded sweatshirt for yourself, cut a slit at the base of the hood, put some stuffing in the chest and add a fake head. Arrange the small body on your back, like you're giving a piggy-back ride, but stick your head through the slit in the large sweatshirt and into the hood of the small one. Only trouble is I haven't been to a Halloween party for a few years so I haven't had a chance to wear it.

I thought of another one, but don't have the materials yet. I want to wrap myself in a huge sheet of paper or white foam rubber, cut a hole for my face and go as Bill.
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My best costume was when I went as Foghorn Leghorn. I knew this girl who made her own costumes, so I bought her all the material and helped with the glue-gunning. She did such a terrific job, it looked like a cartoon come to life.

My head was inside Foghorn's beak, so in drinking my beer, I looked like Foghorn was sticking his fist down his throat. I went to Franklin Street in Chapel Hill NC one year wearing this getup, and these bunch of Mexicans singing songs came up to me and carried me off, like I was the king of their parade or something. And least they didn't cook me.

The best costume I saw was also on Franklin Street. Six people wore yellow body suits, wedged giant lemon slices on their heads, put themselves in a big cardboard rigging, and went as a 6-pack of Coronas.
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h.sapiens h.sapiens is offline
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One year I went as the man from the Magritte painting. Black derby with a realistic drawing of a fluffy white cloud on a stick attached, big drawing of a green apple that I held in front of my face.

About half the people at work got it, but I won second place in the costume contest.
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I'm thinking of going as Riff from Sluggy--ponytail, shades, trenchcoat, sheaf of notes, BFG (a VERY large laser I built in college), and a rabbit with a switchblade.

It's funny, though--I often go to Halloween parties with my IFGS (LARP) friends, and no one dresses up. We spend so much time together in costume that seeing them in mundane clothes seems weird enough.
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Originally posted by Eve
Back in the Eighties, I went to a Hallowe'en party at Palladium. I wore all blue: clothes, lipstick, gloves, stockings. Then I festooned myself with maxi-pads and tampons. When people asked what I was, I'd proudly tell them, "Picasso's Blue Period."
And there go the last scraps of canvas from my image of Eve as the refined woman in satin gown, opera gloves, diamond pendant, with a cigarette holder poised rakishly in one hand.


I've been to the Henri David ball the last 2 years. The costumes there are to average costumes what the SDMB is to average message boards.
-A green Atlas body suit with padded muscles, plus globe.
-A wizard costume, with 2 18" blacklights in the collar.
-A 10 foot tall At-At(the 2 legged tank from Jedi) with jointed legs.

This year, I'm revising and simplifying last year's cyber-knight costume. The staff was clumsy, and the wiring kept pulling loose. This year-lucite cylinder sword with a single blinker LED in the pommel. Plus clear shield with crest. I revised the bracers and greaves to be smaller and more durable. Nearly the entire costume is common household items-various styles of trash cans, metal tubing to protect wires, an old bath robe, and lots of GOOP(I strongly reccomend the stuff. It is the most effective and durable adhesive I've ever used.)

If any Dopers will be attending Henri David This year-I'll be the chrome knight with the purple hawk emblem.
Nothing is impossible if you can imagine it. That's the wonder of being a scientist!
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Similar to Robot Arm's, the coolest costume I have ever seen was on Conan O'Brien.

It was a man riding a chicken. His legs came through the bottom as chicken legs, fake legs were drooped over the chicken body's sides, and he had reins going to a chicken bridle. The chicken's body and head came out about 2 1/2 feet from the front, and about 2 feet in the back, which would make sitting down next to impossible, but it was hilarious watching this guy run around, trying to control his chicken.
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Washte Washte is offline
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I remember once going to a high school Halloween party as a punker. Spray painted my hair red and yellow, then found a tub of my dad's moustache wax in the back of the hall closet (little did I know it had been around almost 20 years by then....). Spiked my hair, grubby jeans, etc...

Learned a valuable lesson from this however.... When one puts 20 year old moustache wax in one's hair, do not expect it to come out immediately when washed... I washed 3-4 times. Mom poured almost boiling water over my hair. Spent hours combing out globs and globs of the stuff.... Ended up going to a barber the next day who took great pains laughing at me and spending hours torturing me to get the garbage out .... saying he was going to have to shave my head.... then coming up with another experiment of goop to remove the wax.... Needless to say, that was the last time I did something like that!!

Now I do things the easy way.... I own (proudly may I say) a full length fuzzy Eeyore suit. It has a head with mane, and a removable tail. Just add black shoes and a bit of face paint if you want
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endswithani endswithani is offline
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A few years ago I went to a big Haloween party. As I was talking to a friend, I see this guy walking my way wearing a fuzzy black suit from head to toe with something sticking out the top. He was getting a lot of attention. As he got closer, I noticed some type of television screen on his belly playing soft(really soft)-core porn --- PornoTubby!
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Eeek, it can't be that time again already. I just know I'll see all those evil, scary....


Honey- Off to hide under the bed until 11/1
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Originally posted by Honey
Eeek, it can't be that time again already. I just know I'll see all those evil, scary....


Honey- Off to hide under the bed until 11/1
[Tim Curry Voice]
Hi, Honey! Wanna balloon? They float. They float. We all float down here. You'll float too.
[/Tim Curry Voice]

Hmm, Tim Curry...
A latex Darkness(the devil in Legend) suit, the clown white face from It, and the lingerie of Frankenfurter. Now there's a costume!
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Originally posted by DocCathode

[Tim Curry Voice]
Hi, Honey! Wanna balloon? They float. They float. We all float down here. You'll float too.
[/Tim Curry Voice]
Pennywise, noooooooooo!!!

>Runs off to call her shrink<
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Skippman Skippman is offline
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[Sniff] I have no Holloween party to go to [/Sniff]
Old 10-09-2002, 09:46 PM
Magickly Delicious Magickly Delicious is offline
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When I was in high school, my mom made me this great outfit--an electric blue marching band uniform. We hung red drapery cords on it and I put medals on it, and went as....Paul McCartney on the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. Lots of people recognized the outfit, which is pretty impressive being that I'm a girl. I've reused that outfit about five times since then.
Old 10-16-2002, 09:27 AM
Lissla Lissar Lissla Lissar is offline
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The best costume I've ever seen a picture of was a Transformer one... that TRANSFORMED! Aagh.

Must... finish... beadwork... today...

I'm going out Hallowe'eening with another Transformer, a generalized medieval guy, and another bellydancer. This year I'm going to stay at the club until the costume competition, dammit!
Old 10-16-2002, 12:19 PM
Intaglio Intaglio is offline
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Here's a thought for a Costume:

Anna Nicole Smith, but there's a twist:

Go as her, and she realizes how fat and big she has gotten, and she takes a gun to her head and shoots herself.

She has a bullet hole at her temple and blood streaming down the side of her face, white-pale pancake face with the blue eyeshadow, eyelashes, and red lipstick, but her skin is turning blue, and she has the dark-dead look under her eyes. She has the trampy-slutty outfits, that she wears, and of course she has the dog, and really has a reason to slur and talk really slow. She also has her Playboy or Guess Pictures with her, like Why/How Did I Get The Way I Was.
Old 10-20-2002, 02:49 AM
Rilchiam Rilchiam is offline
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I'd do this myself, but I'm too short.

Grim Reaper cloak, with hood and scythe. Add some or all of the following:

Disposable camera
Airline ticket
"Hawaiian" shirt
Carry-on bag
Lets Go: Europe guidebook

You are now: Death takes a holiday.

Years ago, Mr. Rilch and I were Agent Cooper and Audrey. For me: bullet bra, turtleneck sweater, string of pearls, plaid skirt, red pumps with ankle socks, hair in a flip, and, of course, bottle of maraschino cherries and one knotted stem. For him: black suit with tie, trenchcoat, slicked hair, poker chip and portable cassette recorder.

This year, we're thinking of going as Jack the Ripper and a potential victim. But people might not get it.
Old 10-20-2002, 05:52 AM
Marlitharn Marlitharn is offline
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One year, I went as the Angel of the house. Draped a white sheet into a facsimile of an angel's robes, added some foil and wire wings, shoved a pair of Playtex rubber gloves and a (clean)toilet brush in my belt, and added a 50's conformist curled and sprayed head of hair, vapid smile, and June Cleaver pearls.

Once I got to the party, however, the can of Stag beer in my hand tended to spoil the effect. (Hey, I was an impoverished student.)
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ladybug ladybug is offline
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Originally posted by ResIpsaLoquitor
Build your own Boba Fett

Sick. Just sick. I've been at work on mine since June.
Since June? I'm impressed. I've only been working on mine since the end of August. I'm going as Rogue from X-Men, but I'm using a variation of the movie costume. I made a tight black satin* jacket from a modified suit pattern, and I'm sewing black satin pants today. I'm connecting the two with a black satin belt. Throw on an "X" logo I made with some metal rings from the notions bin at the fabric store, a pair of black leather gloves and some white hair paint, and I'm a superhero! I hope. Like I said, I'm still working on it.

My other idea was to get a plain jumpsuit, dye it a dark color, embroider a Gizmonics Institute logo on it and go as the next captive on the Satellite of Love. Which would have worked if:
1) Anyone in my office watched (or even heard of) MST3K; and
2) The Tom Servo parts weren't so expensive and hard to find. I couldn't be a captive without a little robot friend, now, could I?

* Yes, I know the movie costumes were leather, but do you know how much leather costs?
Old 10-20-2002, 11:27 PM
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Fans of "Los Bukis" tell me I'm a dead ringer for el Buki Numero Uno himself, Marco Antonio Solis. All I need is to scan a few album covers for a costume, learn a few of his better know songs and I'm all set. IIRC the costume should be pretty easy: black cowboy boots, black jeans, black jean shirt and black cowboy hat.

Should be interesting to see how many "recognise" me.
Old 10-21-2002, 01:28 AM
LindyHopper LindyHopper is offline
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Location: Missoula, Montana
Posts: 1,861
I once went to a party as a can of cat food. Chicken wire frame, with two pieces of posterboard around the outside, painstakingly colored with Crayola markers into a reasonable facsimile of Friskies' "Mariner's Catch" can. Held onto my body by suspenders.

Still one of the best costumes I've ever worn. I've still got it in the basement; I even got the barcode correct.
Old 10-21-2002, 02:23 PM
burundi burundi is offline
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Location: North Carolina, USA
Posts: 3,030
One year, I bought a white sweatsuit from Salvation Army, covered my hair with a handkerchief, and got a friend to spatter tempera paint all over me. I was a painting by Jackson Pollock.

At a party this weekend, I went as the Queen of Hearts. I wore a crown. a foofy red skirt, and a sandwich board decorated like a playing card. I also made heart-shaped jam cookies for the party. (Actual tarts are beyond me.)
Old 10-21-2002, 03:02 PM
ladydisco ladydisco is offline
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Location: in a shame spiral
Posts: 304
My friend's boyfriend went out a few years ago as Wilson from Home Improvement. He fashioned himself a mini fence that hung around his neck and covered the bottom half of his face. Add a plaid shirt and a <what the heck are those hats called anyway?>hat, and he was good to go. Still my favourite costurme I've seen yet. The best part was that the inside part of the 'fence' had a little ledge where he could hold his drink.

The same night, we saw someone dressed as Richard Simmons - super short, shiny slitted shorts, big red afro and a sweatband on his head. It was pretty funny.
Old 10-21-2002, 07:04 PM
JayElle JayElle is offline
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Posts: 498
My tackiest costume won me a prize:

Gold metallic fabric made into a skirt, country music t-shirt dazzled up with glitter paint, cowboy boots, very large hair, lots of makeup, a blacked out tooth, and a sash that read Homecoming Queen of Trailer Trash High. Actually, I would have fit in perfectly at any lounge in the tiny Texas town where I grew up, but the city slickers at the party thought it was right funny.

I've told my SO that he may dress me for Halloween this year. I'm a little nervous about what he's dreaming up!
Old 10-21-2002, 07:20 PM
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Pilgrims...in bondage.
Old 10-21-2002, 07:28 PM
Dirty Earthworm Dirty Earthworm is offline
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It was October of 1998 and I was trying to dye my hair red. It, uh ... turned pink. Not just slightly pink; I'm talking bright pink. It wasn't a huge deal; I actually thought it was cool. It did, however, hinder my Halloween plans. (I can't recall what my original costume idea was.) That was, until...

...I bought a yellow shirt.

...and then yellow pants

...and polished my black combat boots

...and painted my face silver

...and wrote a big number 2 on the aforementioned yellow shirt

I was a pencil. An upside-down pencil, but a pencil nonetheless.

And the only person who got more compliments/laughs about his costume at the party was the pregnant man.

Damn pregnant man.



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