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City of Chicago speeding cameras

I saw a shiny new speeding camera yesterday while driving east on Foster Ave* at Gompers Park and LaBagh Woods, possibly the one in this installation action photo.
Though I'm a pretty safe driver and don't expect to get (m)any letters in the mail, I do oppose this obvious money grab on principle. I don't think anyone buys the "Child Safety!!" argument but I'll concede that these cams might make things a little safer, if only within their view frame. Some of the maniacs that rocket full throttle down my residential street (and alley) do make me think of the children.

Anyway, I was doing a bit of reading on these this morning and one little line caught my eye which I've underlined here:
In addition, about 10 percent of the recorded violations are typically not enforceable for numerous reasons the speeders were emergency vehicles, the license tags were obscured or there's no child in the photo the camera takes in a school zone.
I read that there are hours of operation for some of the cams and see here that kids need to be present in the photo (?) for a ticket to be issued.
I couldn't find anything specific on these rules and wonder if any dopers can dig anything up.
The article goes on to mention a bribery scandal over the red light cams but that's just business as usual.

*I was on my way to the excellent Glenwood Ave Arts Festival. No 'suggested donation,' not mobbed with crowds, reasonable prices & selection on food and bevs, ample (and fairly clean) portapotties, art and artists of many types, interesting layout with many distinct sections, mostly awesome music, the absolutely heart meltingly cute Puppet Bike and all the diversity that Rogers Park has to offer. If I didn't have plans this afternoon, I'd probably go back today.
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Originally Posted by jnglmassiv View Post
I read that there are hours of operation for some of the cams and see here that kids need to be present in the photo (?) for a ticket to be issued.
The school zone speed limit of 20 mph only applies when school is in session and children are present. I'm sure the camera will issue tickets for someone rocketing by at 50 mph, regardless of the time of day.


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