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Great Viewing Conditions for Jupiter

Tonight Is the Best Time of the Year to See Jupiter and Its Many Moons:
Jupiter will reach opposition the night of June 10, forming a straight line with Earth and the sun
A spectacular celestial event is set to arrive just in time to beat stargazers’ Monday blues. As NASA notes in a blog post detailing its June skywatching tips, Jupiter will align with Earth and the sun tonight, standing alongside our planet and the fiery star in a perfect straight line.

This phenomenon, known as opposition, occurs just once every 13 months and finds the gas giant reaching its closest distance to Earth. Most significantly for space enthusiasts, opposition marks the year’s most optimal Jupiter viewing conditions, enabling binocular-equipped watchers to easily spot the planet and perhaps even a few of its 79 moons.

According to Vox’s Brian Resnick, Jupiter will grace the southeastern sky at dusk and remain visible until setting in the west at dawn. Those with binoculars should be able to see both the enormous planet, officially the largest in our solar system, and its four brightest moons—Io, Europa, Callisto and Ganymede.

Now if only I can only remember to go out and look tonight...

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Don't worry too much about making it out tonight. It's not a great difference from most other times:

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I may have to drag out the 5" Celestron and take a look, as we have clear skies here for the next few days.
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Originally Posted by naita View Post
Don't worry too much about making it out tonight. It's not a great difference from most other times:
That's for sure. I was a telescope buff in my younger days. Oppositions of Mars were a Big Deal, because Mars is way closer and therefore bigger and brighter at opposition. Oppositions of Jupiter were Not a Big Deal. The Bigger Deal with Jupiter was finding a night when all four moons were visible, or better yet, when the shadow of a moon fell across the planet's surface.


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