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OK, so this isn't about San Francisco, then.

Hmmmmm . . .

Well, I'm still waiting for the Arisians to start handing out Lenses.
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Well, if we're going to talk about living in a science fiction story, let me point out that 2019 is the year that all three movies Blade Runner, Akira, and The Running Man happen.
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Originally Posted by Hail Ants View Post
I've got nothing goin' on...

First, he tells Harris that a huge deposit of gold is discovered in Canada in 1981 and that the price plummets back to $35/oz. Later he tells him that gold is replaced by zinc in 1984! (Your linked clip got removed, these have a hazy lens flare over them for some reason but are watchable). I just happen to have seen this episode recently. BTW, the episode takes place in January 1980.

[Trek Nerd]

This was the accepted canon for TOS, but by DS9 they had sort of retconned the Eugenics War and World War III into one conflict that happended later than the 90s. In fact ST:FC states that first contact takes place in 2060 something while Earth is still recovering from WWIII...
Just pulled out my copy of Star Trek Chronology.

According to the episode "Past Tense, Part 1" of DS9, in 2020 the US government creates special "Sanctuary Districts" for the numerous homeless and jobless people. They quickly degenerate into inhumane internment camps where the unemployed, homeless, mentally ill, and other outcast are imprisoned.

Qadgop, the episode this takes place in is actually set in San Francisco as well.

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I'm now listening to an audiobook of Robert A. Heinlein's 1951 sf thriller The Puppet Masters, and there's reference to the Whitmanite cult, which leaves its Antarctic enclave in 1974 to establish the New Zion colony near the north pole of Venus (a jungle world in Heinlein's timeline, and in several other early works of sf, including Ray Bradbury's short stories).


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