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"The Good Fight" with Christine Baranski coming to CBS over the air 6/16/2019.

The "Good Wife" spinoff series "The Good Fight" has only been available on the CBS streaming service CBS All Access. Now there's good news for people who wanted to watch this but were turned off by the idea of paying yet another monthly fee for yet another channel: Season 1 of The Good Life will air this summer on the over the air CBS broadcast network on Sunday nights.

If you are interested, check your TV schedule carefully because they are running it at somewhat random times and running two episodes some nights.

Also be cautious because (especially in the Eastern and Central time zones) CBS does not run its Sunday night shows at the scheduled times. They do not make a realistic schedule for their Sunday afternoon sports, so the Sunday night shows are usually delayed. Set your DVRs to record an extra hour at the end of the show.

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Fixed title.
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I was confused by all of those advertisements for Season 1 that I had been seeing because I had absolutely no idea the show wasn't on regular ol' CBS. That's kind of amazing. That shows you what streaming has done to me. I have a ridiculously low awareness of the television schedule these days.
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Thanks, Alley Dweller! I'd heard it was coming to broadcast TV this summer, but I didn't know the date.

Lately I've been re-watching The Good Wife; I just started Season 4. I'd forgotten how annoying the kids are, but I'm surprised at how interested I still am the second time around. I find myself binge-watching episodes whenever I can. And with IMDb trivia always handy via my iPad, I frequently read about how such-and-such character is now on The Good Fight.


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