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Dilbert- no, not that one

I'm referring to Dilbert Groundloop, a WW2 character who was the epitome of everything a pilot shouldn't do. Here's a training film based on the character:
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yellowjacketcoder yellowjacketcoder is offline
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Great find! I really enjoy old training videos like this.
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Probably connected to the "Dilbert dunker," a pilot escape trainer, which I found referenced in a 1960s novel about the aircraft industry.

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When Scott Adams first drew the character on his poster board at work, he held a "Name The Nerd" contest. Several co-workers wrote suggestions, but Adams didn't think they seemed right. Then someone wrote "Dilbert," and Adams declared :It wasn't like Dilbert was getting a name, it's like we were finding out what his name was.

Later, it turned out the co-worker's father had been in the Navy during WW2 and probably had heard of Dilbert Groundloop.
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Along the same lines, I saw these WWII era posters at the Warhawk Air Museum* in Nampa, ID. They put a different spin on it...if you don't pay attention, the enemy will cheer at the resulting accidents.

*a great museum--not a lot of aircraft, but a huge collection of ephemera donated by local servicemen and their families.


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