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Stargate SG1: Help me find a certain fanfic, please

Well, since dopers are geniuses identifying books from half-remembered descriptions, maybe you can help me find a fanfic I read some time ago (I think it wasn't more than several years ago.) And yes, I tried Google, but couldn't figure out how to make it search through a story instead of simply showing fanfic collection sites.

I think I read it on the alphagate or JD Divas, but I couldn't find it at either site. And Fanfiction net has 700+ pages on SG1.

The story: it starts a bit confusing with different POVs switching from Jack to Daniel to TealC to Sam and back. All are confused that members of their team are acting different then normal. Hurt feelings and confused relationships follow. What makes this initially hard to follow is that there's more than one Jack we see, and that people are on different worlds. Eventually, it turns out that there are four SG1 teams, each from a different alternate reality. (So on our Earth, Tealc and Sam had Alt-A Jack and Alt-B Daniel, but we also saw Jack on Alt- C Earth and so on).

There's this wonderful scene in the middle, where all 16 people are in the conference room. It has turned out that the difference between the Alt. realties are the pairings - one has Jack/Sam, one has Jack/Daniel, one has Daniel/Tealc, and the normal Earth we know. So one of the Jacks closes the door (because of the regulations) and tells people to find their lovers; after some confusion and hugging all the teams have sorted themselves out (and are marked with sticky tape or similar).

They then all travel to an alien world with an underground chamber, battle briefly with some Jaffa and some Goauld (with some Alt-people being shot or dying). Everybody is returned to their reality - or the whole process is reset, whatever, happy end and some comments.

Now, this was well-written, and I remembered it because last night they showed an SG1 episode on TV that dealt with SG1 teams from Alt-Realities turning up in the SGC because of the wormhole passing through a black hole (technobabble). Each time wore different uniforms, for some weird reason. (as if they expected to be mixed-up...) The plot soon became lame.

Now: does anybody remember how the fanfic I described was called, and where I can find it? I don't remember specific phrases to use in a search, and there's a heap of Alternate Universe stories out there, a ton of Jack/Daniel stories, a ton of Jack/Sam stories, so those terms don't narrow the search enough.
Or was the fanfic pulled because the real episode conflicted with it?

Many thanks for all your efforts in advance.
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You could ask on
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I found it!

It's called "An SGComedy of Errors." I found it on Archive of Our Own.
I realize it's been 10 years since you posted, but on the off chance that anyone can use this info, there you are!
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Howdy, howdy!


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