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Originally Posted by Smid View Post
This is true of every X men movie made. There's four main players and 30 odd people who appear, do their turn, and disappear for the rest of the movie. It's the formula. Complaining that it's an X men movie which does this means it's your first X men movie.
No, it really doesn't. I've seen all of the X-Men movies (including the Wolverine movies).

X-Men (2000) actually takes some screen time to establish Wolverine as the main character. Rogue also gets a significant amount of screen time establishing her character. We see a conversation between Professor X and Magneto establishing their conflicting views on mutant-human relations. Even most of the relatively minor characters at least get some sort of introduction, indicating who they are and what they can do.

Famke Janssen's Jean Grey get gets significantly more dialogue and screen time in X-Men establishing her character and her relationships with the other characters than Sophie Turner's Jean Grey gets in Dark Phoenix, and she's a supporting character in the first and nominally the main character in the second.

It's not that minor background characters with two minutes of screen time just show up and disappear. It's that major characters, including the nominal main character, just show up and never actually get established as, you know, characters.

Look, I didn't like Dark Phoenix. You may have. It's ok that we have different tastes and preferences in movies. But the reason I didn't like Dark Phoenix isn't that I don't like X-Men movies or super hero movies or big dumb action movies or that I'm not familiar with them or their tropes. I'm familiar with them and I like them - when they're well executed. I just thought Dark Phoenix was terribly executed.


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