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SDMB Book Recommendation Thread Compendium

I got really bored this morning.

I find myself often searching the SDMB for book rec threads from the past, and figured I'm probably not the only one, and some of these are tough to find due to search issues, so here's all of the ones I turned up. I do not claim that this is comprehensive. They're in reverse "last post date" order, starting with most recent:

Suggestions for books about fortune tellers? 2/28/11

Recs for books on novel writing? 1/25/11

Books you'd describe as being a "dark Narnia" 12/23/10

Recommend a Fantasy series to me, please 12/20/10

Looking for a history book rec - Norman Dynasty 12/1/10

Favorite Star Trek Books? 11/30/10

Recommend me some mysteries! 9/25/10

Need book recommendations! Light-hearted fantasy or historical fiction? 9/13/10

Urban fantasy books that AREN'T Harlequin romances with magic? 7/26/10

African History Book Suggestions 7/11/10

Science Fiction - Newer Books! 7/1/10

Book recs needed - international relations, economics, or other meaty non-fiction 5/28/10

Recommend a sci-fi book for a female non sci-fi fan? 5/13/10

Another sci-fi recommendation thread 5/7/10

Calling all Steampunk book recommendations 1/21/10

Need some book recs - civilians vs murderers 1/6/10

Fairy tales recommendation 11/21/09

What nonfiction music book should I read? 7/27/09

Children's book recommendation for 7-18 month old 7/8/09

Book recommendation on astrophysics for an 8th grader 2/11/09

Nonfiction recommendations, please 6/17/08

Favorite books on economics? 3/6/08

Any good random nonfiction book recommendations? 2/16/08

What were your favorite OBSCURE children's books? 1/20/08

Recommend some nonfiction dealing with psychology 11/28/07

Need train related book recommendations 11/28/07

What's your favorite book that nobody else reads? 2/21/07

Recommend Me Your Favorite Horror Or Murder Mystery Book 9/23/06

Recommend some entertaining nonfiction, please 9/4/06

What to read after Catcher in the Rye (book recommendation) 8/7/06

Recommendation for junior Roman Empire fiction? 8/2/06

Favorite "self help" books 11/27/05

Yet another book recommendation thread: Historical fiction 6/8/05

What is your favorite reference book? 3/28/05

Best Science Fiction short story ever? 3/21/05

Book recommendation request: Exotic mysteries 1/7/05

Recommendation for a book on evolution 5/24/04

Time for another fantasy recommendation thread! 4/24/04

Chicago Book Suggestions 1/12/04

Book recommendation request - Watergate 9/6/03

Your favorite fictionalized biographies 9/03/03

Please recommend nonfiction that a teenager would enjoy 8/16/03

Stuck in a rut - need new Sci Fi authors 7/18/03

Most intriguing/mind-expanding nonfiction? 6/25/03

Need recommendation on military strategy/history books. 6/17/03

Need recommendations for historical nonfiction books (multiple subjects) 3/19/03

Book recommendation for 11-year-old girl 12/13/02

Your favorite "time travel" novel? 11/24/02

Read Aloud Couples Book Suggestions? 3/24/02

Seeking sci-fi book suggestions [about time-travel/invisibility] 6/30/01

Wanted: history book recommendation 1/13/01

What's your favorite Sci-Fi book series? 11/24/00

Book recommendation needed: Irish history 10/16/00
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How cool is that - thread subscribed to.

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Well, WordMan and I may be the only two people interested in this, but what the hell, might as well keep up with it.

Recommend novels similar to Robert B. Parker "Spenser" series
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I'm glad you did this. I've been looking for a new book for my kindle.
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Awesome. I'm subscribing too.
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I've been subscribed for a while. Thanks for doing this.
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Books for Toddlers, 3/24/10
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End of the World Fiction:

If I like King's The Stand, I'll also enjoy...

Looking for Post-Apocalyptic Fiction (1/16/09)

Looking for Recent Post-Apocalyptic Book (12/18/09)

Recommend a "realistic" post-apocalyptic story without magic, cyborgs or zombies! (6/14/10)

Good New Post-Apocalyptic Book - Rise Again (1/30/11) - turns into recommendations after the first reply.

We'll be due for another one in July it looks like.

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Bridging the gap to audiobooks:

Recommend Some Good Audio Books
What'r your favorite audiobooks?
Recommed some audio books for me.
What should be my first Audiobook?
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Awesome idea for a thread. It should be a sticky.
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Originally Posted by Justin_Bailey View Post

Good New Post-Apocalyptic Book - Rise Again (1/30/11) - turns into recommendations after the first reply.

We'll be due for another one in July it looks like.
I should go update that thread - I've read another really good post-apocalyptic book. (Great thread! I'll be bookmarking this puppy!)
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Originally Posted by AuntiePam View Post
Awesome idea for a thread. It should be a sticky.
And if you had suggested this to the mods, we could have done it when you thought of it.

Instead, I'll do it now.
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Dude. I think this is my first-ever sticky! Thanks, twicks. I'm glad this is proving to be of use. (I mean, to people other than me. )
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Originally Posted by twickster View Post
And if you had suggested this to the mods, we could have done it when you thought of it.

Instead, I'll do it now.
Most awesome!!! Thanks!!
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Good movies/books on punk rock scene?
Recommend an audiobook
Recommend a book for a class of 11th grade students.
Kids' books suggestions, please
Recommend a lengthy, enjoyable paperback novel
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Great idea for a thread - thanks, MsWhatsit!
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Originally Posted by MsWhatsit View Post
Dude. I think this is my first-ever sticky! Thanks, twicks. I'm glad this is proving to be of use. (I mean, to people other than me. )
It's a John Hughes movie plot: after an initial seeming-rejection (well, except for the geeky dude whose attention you had already (see Post #2)), you win over the school and even become...a sticky-post!

Where's the slow clap crowd climax when you need it?!

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* * * [Mystery]
Recent Mystery Books
Good Japanese Suspense/Mystery Books
Research Books for Mystery Writers
Recommend Me a Good Mystery Book
Cat Mystery Novels
Historical Mystery Novels Anyone?
Reccomend a Mystery, Fantasy, or Other Fiction Book for Me, Please!
Recommend me a good crime/mystery novel set in Istanbul, please
Need Mystery Recommendations
Good *modern* locked room/impossible crime novels?
Your nominations, please, for the greatest mystery writer of all time
Show Biz Mystery Series
Recommend a mystery for me (but not The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
Suspense/thriller book rec for English students - Lovely Bones?
* * * [Sci Fi/Fantasy/Comics/Etc]
Classic Sci-Fi Comic Books
Recommend me books on the comic book industry/history.
Recommend me new comic book TPBs
Good Non Fiction UFO Books
SF/Fantasy Book Recommendations: Lost Civilizations
Suggest some awesome science fiction books
Ten S-F Books for Complete Beginners...
Recommend some dragon-themed fantasy books for my daughter
Which epic fantasy saga to read next?
Best utopian books?
Good parallel universe stories
Anyone know any books/stories with a griffin in it?
* * * [Children's]
Atheist/agnostic children's books? (besides Golden Compass series)
Recommend some good books for a budding young skeptic
Children's books in 1st person POV?
Recommend kids books with strong female character, please.
Recommend Books for a Four Year Old
Please recommend chapter books for 5 year olds
Comic books for a 7 year old - what would you recommend?
What are some good books for 7-8 year old girls?
Reccomend a how to draw book for 7-9 year olds
Important reading for a fifth grader
Good books for an 8th grader?
Recommend books for 10th grade boys who don't like to read
Recommend Books for 16-year-old boy
Good books for teen-agers
Book suggestions for teen needed
Recommend me some children's classics for summer out loud reading
* * * [Location - US]
Recommend Novels Set in New Orleans
What's the best New Orleans based literature/movies?
What's a good book on the history of Chicago?
* * * [Location - London/England]
More books about the London Blitz?
Need novels set in London to read before my visit
Let's catalog all the books set in London, shall we?
Recommend some historical fiction set in Britian, please
Recommend books on the history of Great Britain
Looking for good books about English "pub walks"
Good books about domestic life in Britain during & after WWII?
* * * [Audio/Kindle]
Recommend Me Some Free Kindle Books
Tales from the Public Domain (best books on Project Gutenberg)
Recommend books on CD
Recommend audiobook
Suggest Some Audio Books
Listened to Any Good Books Lately
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* * * [Historical]
Historical fiction about Jesus sans ax to grind?
What are your favorite (or least favorite) historical fiction novels?
Need book on World War One
Need 2 history book recommendations (Roman Empire and WWI)[
Best World War II Novels?
Recommend books on WW1 & WW2. Please.
Recommend some books on WWII
Fictional books set in Rome
Recommend some narrative history books
Good Books on Weimar-era Berlin?
Recommend history books about the Dark Ages
Recommend medieval history books. Actually, any good history book.
What are the best books on American history?
Recommend a good American History book...or books
Please recommend good books on Middle Eastern History
Recommend Me Some History Books
Recommend some interesting History books/podcasts
Need recommendation on military strategy/history books.
Military History, War and Fantasy Books
Naval History Books
Good books on alternative history?
Suggest Alternate history fic books
Recommend me some good alt-future books
Good Asian Historical fiction books
Good books on Native American History
Good books on the Aztecs and Incas???
* * * [--Favorites, Book Type, Etc]
What are some good novels with lots of factual information?
I like conversation-heavy, witty books. Any recommendations?
Recommend some good light reads
Your top 5 favorite books of all time
What's your favorite book that nobody else ever reads?
The last good book you read (and a mini description)
Books you've stayed up late to finish reading
When the book bests me
Favorite Sports books?
Your favorite kid's books
* * * [--Random Topics--]
What are your favorite weird books?
Weirdest Books You Own
Thought provoking books?
Reccomend me some novels. For men.
Books to read while living in the woods for 6 months
Books on Leprosy
Please recommend your favorite non-tinfoil hat books about historical Occult weirdos
Please recommend some comedic novels
Recommend some truly funny books
Stories with a Villain as Protagonist
Books set in *Your* Locale
Suggest some great golf (history) books
Gay History books
Books on comparative cuisine/history?
Suggest some good books on Freemasonry?
Suggest books regarding the battle for heaven and hell
Suggest some good non-fiction books
Please recommend an inspiring biography
Books About Chess
Recommend a Book for a Middle-Aged Woman 2011
Good books about death
Movies and books about characters who "go native" (ala Avatar & Dances With Wolves)
Books about predicting the future.
Please help me find some books about "Old Hollywood."
Books about Wicca
Recommend some good books on architecture
Recommend Some Good Books on Evolutionary Theory?
Good Books With Criminal Authors?
Please recommend good books and/or movies w/ unreliable narrators (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
Recommend books of poetry
Recommend some books of hope and healing
Spiritual books you'd recommend
Suggestions for Fiction Books Dealing with Faith
Recommend books on the ancient Library of Alexandria?
Recommend me some Pirate Books
Recommend some real-life adventure books I might like
Recommend Books on Various Mythologies
What popular books on English or other languages would you recommend?
Recommend a couple of books to read on vacation
Recommend me some good books written in dialect
Recommend some books on the dark side of human nature
Books or Films about Grad School
Need movies and books set in Ancient China
What are some good fiction books on the antichrist/end of the world, etc
Books on Isolation
Are there Any contempory horror novelists writing truly scary books?
The Dope List of 100 books of the 20th Century
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* * * Novels
Mystery, Detective, Political
Who likes good spy novels? Let's share recommendations (aka I need a new book)
Obscure novels--mystery division
What is the quintessential Detective Novel?
Help me find good detective/mystery novels
Historical detective novels
Looking for thriller novels
Political Thrillers (novels)
Novels with presidents as characters
Alternative historical novels postulating dictatorship in the USA
Suggested anti-war novels?
Graphic Novels
Really Fabulous Graphic Novels
What classics do you like as graphic novels?
Good Graphic Novels
Which Batman Comics/Graphic Novels Should I read?
Are there romance novels for gay and lesbian audiences?
"Oh, Mary! Know Any Early Gay Novels?"
Needed: some really filthy romance novels
Best Romance novels
Sci-Fi, etc
Any 'realistic' sci-fi novels depicting what might happen if human-like AI were created?
Science Fiction Novels -- recommendations, please!
What is the quintessential science fiction novel?
Recommend some time travel novels (potential spoilers)
Please recommend dystopian novels
Alternative History Novels
Recommend me some good "end of the world" novels
Astronomy mystery novels
Recommend some good cyberpunk novels?
Steampunk Novel titles Requested
Star Trek Novels
Are any of the Star Wars novels any good?
"Idea" Novels** (**A sci-fi novel in which the plot, characters, and setting are all secondary to the idea of the book)
Time Period
Good novels set in biblical times
Novels set during 60BC-400AD
Novels set in New Testament Palestine?
Historical Novels (&etc) from the time of King Ethelwulf, Alfred, other pre-Normans
Need ideas for easy read novels set in London
Novels set in 16th Century Japan?
Novels set in Germany, originally written in English, not about WWII or Cold War??
Good historical novels set in Viking times
Fantasy novels with an Asian setting or Asian theme
Novels about Ancient Rome
Are there any good fantasy novels set in the USA?
Fantasy novels featuring siblings
Young Adult Fantasy Novels
Non-Twilighty Vampire Novels for YA recommendations requested
Recommend some "Orcs with machine guns" novels
Christmas Horror Novels?
Any humorous horror novels out there?
Recommend good horror novels...
Book Type
First-person novels/stories where the narrator dies (spoilers)
Novels whose stories take place within one day
Stories or novels written in unusual tenses/perspectives
Novels by Famous Non-Writers
Famous novels supposedly written in a few days
Favorites, etc
What a Novel Thread (Your Five Fave Novels)
What are the 5 best novels you've ever read?
The Twentieth Century - Best Novels (First Cut)
Classic novels that have aged well
What contemporary novels would you like to learn about?
Novels with "reformed" demons?
Novels Originally in Italian, Translated in English
Samurai Novels
Novels in academic settings?

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Nice job Shadez! Thanks!
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This is great. Thank you!
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Shadez, excellent work!
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Recommend some good non-fiction books
Nonfiction recommendations, please
Non-Fiction Recommendations, Please.
Do you know of any non-fiction page-turners?
Five favourite non-fiction books...
Non-fiction titles you think everyone should read
Recommend great non-fiction!
Please recommend some fascinating non-fiction
Most Clever Non-Fiction Book?
Fun to read non-fiction books
Please recommend some fascinating non-fiction
Best non-fiction books about presidents....
Recommend true crime narrative non-fiction books, please?
Humour in travel/non-fiction writing, rec's for Bill Bryson fan
Science fiction and non-fiction suggestions
Recommend non-fiction about mental illness

Recommend a biography of Jesus
Help me read a biography of every US President
Definitive Biography of Andrew Jackson?
Abe Lincoln biography recommendations?
What's the best Lincoln biography?
What is a good Rock n Roll (auto)biography?
Beatles nerds - what's the best Fab Four biography/book?
A biography / memoir for my bookclub

Picture book masterpieces
Help find a great book series for an 8 year old girl
Recommend a Childrens Book - Fantasy to Mythology-based Fiction
Recommendation for juvenile Roman Empire fiction?
Juvenile Science Fiction
What kids/YA fiction have you re-read as an adult and liked?
YA Fiction Recommendations
Need Recommendations for Young Adult Literature
I seek Young Adult literature recommendations (for a class)

If (author)wrote it, then I'll buy it (book) list.
Do you have certain authors where you must own the book, even if you've read it?
What is your favorite book?
What was the first book you fell in love with?
Recommend me a page-turner of an epic book
Recommend a truly funny book (again)
Recommend Omni a Book
Recommend me a book on British (or any country's) history.
Looking for a Book of Philosophical Puzzles
Suggestions for a 'Book Club' reading list

Poems/literature based on The Odyssey?
Professor/student affairs in literature
Literature based on books of the Bible
The best of Canadian literature?
Forgotten/Obscure Masterpieces of Literature Thread
'Small-town America' Literature - recommendations?
Classics of Chinese Literature Advice needed: Romance of the Three Kingdoms, etc.
Can anyone recommend me some great fight scenes(?) in literature?
Intimate brother-sister relationships in literature--healthy & otherwise
Bibilophiles! Need advice on buying 30K of American literature
Works of literature by a Brit set in the US (or vice versa)
What's the best New Orleans based literature/movies?
Suggest some African literature
Recommendations of Humorous Literature?
I Want Paranoid Literature
Recommend me some "mindfuck" fiction
20th century literature--passive narrators
Rasicm and Bigotry in Literature
Truly evil characters in film and literature
The Five Essential American Literature Books
What Great and Influential work of literature should I read?
What works of art/literature best address the following polical/policy questions?
What's your comfort entertainment literature?
Entice others to read your fave classic/revered literature
Please recommend a work of "great" literature
Animal Themes in Film/Literature
Worst best friends in literature
BEST best friends in literature (open spoilers likely)
What 1951-2000 U.S. Literature will endure? [200 years from now]

Urban Fantasy...
Looking for examples of Achilles' heels in fantasy literature
Looking for examples of sentient spiders in fantasy literature
Non-creepy eunichs in fantasy fiction
Looking for transformed and amnesiac characters in fantasy fiction

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Fiction for International Relations majors....
Recommend some "puzzle" fiction?
Recommend a great piece of contemporary fiction
Recommend some entertaining cryptozoology fiction
Uplifting fiction
Heinlein fans: non-monogamy fiction recommendations? (Sci-Fi and non Sci-Fi)
Recommend me some utopian and dystopian fiction
Diametrically opposed twins in real life, and fiction.
Gamer fiction? Books based on games? Books that ARE games?
Prehistorical Fiction
Pro-totalitarian works of fiction?
Does anyone write pirate fiction?
Some good historical fiction
Reccomend Post Apocalyptic Fiction
Recommend some good post-apocalyptic/survivalist fiction?
What are some good fiction books on the antichrist/end of the world, etc
Celebrities in post-apocalyptic fiction
Real people as characters in fiction
Anthropology Fiction?
Fiction *starring* fiction (entire plot is based on the existence and properties of the inner work)
Fictional works of fiction (similar)
Machine-Gods, in fiction?
Recommend me some long and cluttered fiction
Looking for horror fiction recommendations
Horror fiction fans, which book next?
Monsters in the Closet: Fiction that supposes they're real
Reccomend a Mystery, Fantasy, or Other Fiction Book for Me, Please!
Recommend me some Werewolf Fiction
Fiction that strains, but does not break the fourth wall
Great detective fiction without a single murder (spoilers possible)
Any magical...*guns,* in fiction?
AnnaLivia's search for Jewish fiction
Please recommend some new literary fiction (June 2009)
Unreliable narrator...but what about unreliable REALITY in fiction?
Fiction where the Neanthertals weren't extinct?
Can anyone recommend some good first person fiction?
Recommend me some fiction with 1st person POV
Recommend some Southern fiction for a man who knows what he likes
Political fiction
Looking for Regency Era-Set Historical Fiction
Fiction (prob. magical realism) where wishes come true?
Getting Near Hallowe'en: Scary short fiction/ghost stories?
Any fiction told through documents? Example in OP.
Is there any alternate-history fiction about democratic socialism winning and working?
Most and Least Realistic Historical Fiction
Feminist Utopian Fiction
Fiction in which torture doesn't work (open spoilers likely)
Favorite opening lines in fiction

Science Fiction
Time Travel Fiction
Time-travel fiction with rules that make sense
Good time-travel fiction?
Please recommend some worthwhile time travel fiction
Science fiction with no human characters
Best Science Fiction Author From The 80's On
Underrated science fiction/fantasy
Positive portrayals of mentally ill characters in fiction (esp SF)
Character-based and psychological science fiction
Time-Dilation in Science Fiction stories?
Little Known Nifty Ideas From Science Fiction and Fantasy
Recommend me some hard science fiction
Cutting my science fiction teeth
New to SF literature: where do I start
Mars in science-fiction - best example?
Good science fiction and fantasy lit vs. the bad stuff
Science fiction about colonizing the moon
Who is the greatest science fiction writer of all time?
Science fiction books where the 'science' is emphasized
Science fiction that get RL science right?
Down-to-earth science fiction
Science Fiction--Newer Books! (Oct 2009)
Recent science fiction/fantasy paperbacks (Sept 2005)
New Science Fiction Novelists (May 2003)
Favourite throw-away ideas in Science Fiction
Great (lesser known) Trials in Science Fiction
Science Fiction Satires
Accessable Science Fiction/Fantasy for my mother
Science Fiction set around the time of the end of the universe
In search of science fiction recommendations
Recommend me some girly science fiction
Lost Classics of Science Fiction
Literature set in space colonies
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Whatcha Reading Threads, 1999-2014

2012: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12

2013: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12

2014: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12

2011: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12

2010: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12

2009: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12

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2004: 04 - 06 - 09 - 10 - 12

2003: 02 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 09#1 - 09#2

2002: 03#1 - 03#2 - 04 - 06 - 08 - 12

2001: 11

1999: 09 - 11

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A literary friend just asked me "What's so special about about that place?" and I showed her this thread.

Her response:
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Sci Fi/Fantasy
Suggest Good Science-Fiction
Recommend "action" SF literature
What science fiction series have FTL travel but no intelligent alien life?
African-American SciFi Authors in the 1950's "Golden Age"?
SF&F recommendations
Recomendation for a good fantasy book
Help me find a fantasy novel like this...
Need Book Suggestion Regarding Magic as Science

For Children
Recommend some great sci-fi reading for middle school science class
Fantasy Books for Boys [11 years]
Daughter tired of reading about vampires ... any good werewolf-based series? [13 years]

Books recommendations for gay and lesbian teens
Whatcha reading aloud to your kids?
Recommend some children's books to me. [9 years, girl]
Looking for young teen / tween books where young MALE hero learns courage / fighting
Books for 3-5 year olds about the 'birds and the bees'
Best bedtime board books for babies?

Recommendations for spooky/mystery short stories?
Recommend me some movies and novels about ghosts
Any True Crime fans here with some recommendations?
Fall reading: cozy mysteries, ghost stories, and beyond!
Recommend me a serial killer thriller

Book recommendations please - specifically Vietnam/Korean War
Most realistic WWIII/post-apocalyptic novels?
Recommend books on the Falklands War

Gardeners -- Whatcha Readin'?
Knitters: What do you think are the "must-have" books for any knitters?

Any Dominican Republic novel recommendations?
Recommend some stories set in orphanages or boarding schools, please

Top ten reading picks for 2010
What are you Re-Reading?
Books you couldn't put down
The Author Guy [recommend an author like Christopher Moore]
Which book series are you reading?

Suggest a good book on voodoo?
Looking for a novel that takes place underwater
Recommend me: Adventure book
I need a book with a happy ending
Help me pick a good cyberpunk novel
Book rec for someone who loved Blink, Guns, Germs and Steel and Omnivore's Dilemma?
I just read a very funny book; Your recommendation for others requested
Recommend me some factual reads
Please recommend a book about leadership
Pirate novel recommendation?
Recommend graphic novels / mangas
Books about a single song?
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I usually answer the thing at the end of the book on Kindle and it goes to my FB page, but my tastes have been very narrow, so I will subsrcibe here, especially for cheap or free Kindle books.

I sure will check this out, and what a great idea, MsWhatsit!


My Dementia Blog is at

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Just got a new Kindle Touch so this thread is great, many thanks
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New non-fiction recommendation thread.
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Science Fiction
Good Young-Adult or Easy-Adult Post-Apocalyptic/Zombie Books?
Post Apocalyptic Steam Power Novels
Remind me of some good teen SF/fantasy books from my childhood
Any good alien invasion novels?
Military Science Fiction Recommendations
Recommend a First Contact novel (sci-fi)
OP wants to read another Deep Space Nine Novel
Recommend a stealth sci-fi type novel for my book club
Recommend a time travel book?
Recommend me a Time Travel Novel that...
Hard Sci-fi Books
What should be my first science fiction novel?

Good Sci Fi and Fantasy that I can probably find for cheap in a used bookstore!
Point me towards some good trashy fantasy fiction?
Recommend some "magic in the real world" books
Book recommendations for a cheesy D&Dish fantasy?
Please recommend me some steampunk that isn't set in london and doesn't feature vampires
Recommend me books/films about mythological & folk tricksters
Suggest a fantasy comic book for me to try
Recommend graphic novels
Recommend some lesser-known fantasy

Let's talk about our favorite mystery novels
Favorite Fictional Detectives-Book Division
Recommend me some decent crime novels?
Please recommend me some non-Doyle Sherlock Holmes novels/stories

Wars & History
Books/films dealing with pre-WWI espionage?
Books/films on World War One
Book recommendations? American history
Please recommend book(s) on early US history with the emphasis on . . .[years 1750-1800 and key persons & ideas]
Reccomend Excellent U.S. History Books
Strange alternative history novels?
Please recommend a book on the history of The Holy Roman Empire
Novels and stories about interwar Britain?
Please recommend a good book on 18th-century West Africa
Recommend Books on Early Fertile Crescent Civilizations?
Reccommend some historical/fantasy military campaign fiction?

Recommend me some good non-fiction

Works of Fiction Where the Villain is the (or a) Main Character
Recommend a good non-Grisham legal novel
Wanted: Books which (attempt to) explain EVERYTHING.
Please recommend a scary ghost book.
Need a trashy novel to read that isn't Star Trek!
Book Recommendation-Isolated women
Please recommend a Pride and Prejudice sequel or "variation"
Let's talk about literature that presents non-belief in a positive light.
Novels that end with their own beginning -- Any examples? (Open spoilers)
Easy reads for a thirty-something who wants to get started on the classics
Recommend a classic novel that's also a page-turner?
Recommend me a fun, easy, light read-- quick!
Now recommend some books for a nine year old girl
Recommend books for my 70 year old dad
Looking For A Book About A Man With Multiple Personalities
Book Recommendation: Complex Experimental Surreal Books
Gruesome pre-modern civilisations, and rule through terror
Recommend me some humor/dramedy/slice of life novels!
Recommend some erotic lit
Recommend me some erotica, please

Need Book Recommendations for a Short Hospital Stay
Looking for a good book to bring on a trip - ideas?
Recommend a book for a long plane flight
The most depressing book you've ever read, but was still a good book (spoilers)
Books that made you cry
Book(s) You read that you're pretty sure nobody else has read
Books you have on your shelf, taunting you to be read
List your three favorite books
Greatest American novel?
The Book Recommendation Challenge [for specific dopers]
Share beautiful passages of prose in your favorite fiction.
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another one for the compilers.
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Here's a category not covered by any of the above, which seems like it would be a very important thread: Books by modern writers in other languages, translated into English. (Currently popular writers still releasing new titles.)

I've read Muriel Barbery, Peter Hoeg, Stieg Larson, Herta Müller, Per Petterson, Bernhard Schlink, and several Japanese authors. Where can I find recommendations for others that I might be missing?

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Mod note

Just updated the "whatcha reading" master list with entries for 2012-14. Thanks, Shadez!
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Many thanks to all. I love the Dope!
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Merry Christmas.

War and (alternate) history
Alternate History Stories
Is there any alt-history fiction where Native Americans colonize Europe?
Books about servants' worlds similar to Downton Abbey
Fiction that predicted the fall of the Soviet Union? (and those that didn't!)
Recommend a book on European history, c. 1450-1550
Good popular history of World War I?
Recommend some books on post-WW2 military aviation
Short stories with Adolf Hitler as the good guy?
Please suggest a dispassionate bio of Richard III

Science fiction and fantasy, in that order
50 Essential Science Fiction Novels for a Public Library
Recommend Me Some Good New SF&F
Good Sci-Fi anthologies
What classic sci-fi should I read next?
Science Fiction Like A Song of Ice and Fire?
Having just finished a magical realism novel I need some hard Science fiction - The hardest!
Looking for some good hard science fiction that's not internet centric
Recommend some colonization-themed science fiction
Reccomend Me Authors Similar to Philip K. Dick
Nuclear war fiction....set during the attack!
Post-Apocalyptic Book Suggestions?
Any post-apocalypse fiction that prominently features bicycles?
I'm looking for sci-fi/fantasy stories set on non-spherical worlds.
Time travel to the present book recommendations.
F&SF worlds, the really awesomely creative ones
Fantasy and SF novels since 2000 that Might Be Essentials One Day
Scifi/Fantasy books with strong female characters
If I liked The Name of the Wind, then I would like...
Books with Centaurs as Characters
Fairy tales with good adoptive (or step) parents
Best Stand Alone Fantasy Novel? (no spoilers)
Recommend some fantasy to me
I'm looking for fantasy stories in which magic is literally, physically dangerous to humans.
Looking for modern fantasy books/stories including magical apprenticeship
So I've been reading a lot of Epic Fantasy lately
Fantasy Books with a Female Lead
Recommend fantasy short story with familiars

Book Series for a 7 year old?
Comic books for an 8-year-old
Book Suggestion? pre-teen, non-fiction
War literature (for a 17 y/o)

Audio books
absolute best books on CD?
Audio Book for 17 hour car ride - Need Answer Fast
Can you recommend a good audiobook?

Horror / thriller
Best Lovecraft tribute story/book you've read?
Reccomend me long literary action/thriller novels

Favorites, (other) book type, etc
"10 Book Series So Addictive, You Never Want Them to End"
Which are the best 5 novels you have read in the last 5 years?
Do you have a "perfect" book?
50 tough books [off site list + discussion]
Books or book series most consider "guilty pleasures"
Reccomend me Fun and Complex Novels
Books that when they ended you went "WHAAAAT?"
What was the most interesting book you were ever forced to read for a class?
Good kid/adult books [equally meaningful to kids and adults]
Are there any literary classics of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" style book?
Books [Novels] That Are About Summer
Books written solely from the villain's perspective
Books whose narrator is a ghost?
I'm looking for American-produced stories in which the United States is the villain ...
Female first-person literature?
King Arthur Fiction
What to read after The Catcher in the Rye - (Book Recommendation)
Novels about Mormons
Old gods in fiction / Need for belief
I'm looking for stories in which the hero consciously decides to kill an innocent.
Recomend a free online graphic novel
Books about difficult white collar jobs?
Books akin to the prince or the art of war [power dynamics (in politics, in interpersonal relationships, within corporations, etc)]
Books or movies about people who suddenly become parents
Great novels that tackle the internet / social media etc.
Recommend me some 'dawn of civilisation' fiction.
Most recursive fiction? (story within a story or otherwise meta)

(General) fiction
Suggest some books that won't make me want to cut my wrists
Recommend me some vacation reading
Help me find new books to read.

Non fiction
Book about early rocketry/space program
Essential baseball books
Informative books about the Holocaust
Programming language book recommendations for each language
Recommend a book on linguistics/language history
Books about "Interesting times*" [works that detail the daily life and experiences of people living through unusual and extreme experiences]
Recommend Dinosaur Books for Adults
What are some good biographies of drugged out or emotionally troubled people
Recommend some non-fiction con / grifter / thief stories.
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Because of a spam-bump, I re-looked, and found that a couple of threads I started way back aren't listed:

What books do you read and re-read?

Worst popular books
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Just stumbled on to this thread. Bumping it so it shows up in New Posts. This is a phenomenal resource! You guys rock!
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I just found a thread that I don't think was listed, from June 2010:

Humorous Mysteries in Unconventional Settings
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It's been about two years since this thread has had an update--but a new member just asked for a compilation, so I'll add A new thread with science-fiction recommendations, with an emphasis on the classics.


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