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Trump 2020 TV ads

Saw one today on the Today show. Surprisingly it was pretty much all about the comeback from the virus. I had the sound down but I saw the visuals. Anyone else see this one or a different one?
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I know he is just starting to roll out some attack ads on Biden, but I haven't seen one yet. Then again with streaming/DVR I don't really see any ads anymore.

I do find it interesting that his surrogates have started probing the "COVID-19 death numbers are fabricated" approach. It seems like he's setting up to gaslight us all again on how bad the pandemic really was. Which could work since even worst worst case estimates (say, 2M dead) are still like 0.5% of the population. With that focused in my urban areas I could see his base being convinced that the media and the blue states are making up the numbers, since they are unlikely to personally know anybody that died.

Kushner laid down some groundwork for the "massive success story" line last week as well. I guess we are all just supposed to forget the testing shortages, insane press conferences, complete lack of a coherent plan, etc...
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Originally Posted by Bijou Drains View Post
... Surprisingly it was pretty much all about the comeback from the virus...
Was it present tense?
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Originally Posted by bobot View Post
Was it present tense?
I'm very tense at the moment.

Then there was the time the Past, Present, and Future walked into a bar.

It was tense.

Meanwhile, I don't watch TV or media videos so I'll miss those Trimp the Chimp ads unless they're spotlighted here or at other vivid sites. The Newshounds site proclaims, "We watch Fox so you don't have to!" I hope they setup a section of the orange terror's ads.


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