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New Girl was good too:
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Just a thank you. This thread has gotten me to re-watch Community.

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Another one that the OP may enjoy hasn't been suggested yet is Derry Girls. It's a relatively short show, only two seasons so far with six episodes each.

(It's an Irish show, and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I needed to watch with subtitles on because the accents get thick at times. Please don't tell the other guys on the Gaelic hurling club I play with...)
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Originally Posted by hogarth View Post
Another goofy ensemble comedy I haven't seen mentioned is "What We Do In The Shadows", about vampires sharing a house in Staten Island.
I'd second this as an alternative to Community, especially after the last episode. That one took a Community-like diversion into a different environment, an off story plot, and brilliant comedy you can only get from funny Vampires. It's an interpersonal relationship show like Community but doesn't fall down the trap of trying to be meaningful. This show has evolved from it's origins and this season is hitting it's stride. Ever been to a Superb Owl party? You may have without realizing it. Ever met an Energy Vampire or even heard of one? Watch this show and you'll realize you have.
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Originally Posted by kenobi 65 View Post
Since you like The Good Place, I suggest trying Pushing Daisies. There aren't a ton of episodes (two seasons, both of which were shorter than normal), but it has an outstanding cast, with very witty writing, stylized art direction, and a bit of a morbid sense of humor.
a bit?
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Lot of great ideas! I remember watching Newsradio and 3rd Rock from the Sun occasionally in the nineties and they were good indeed. Malcolm in the Middle as well. In particular Newsradio is tonally similar.

Also have seen Don't trust the B in appartment 23, indeed somewhat similar wild humour. New Girl was a bit more pedestrian to my mind, skipped after season 1 but maybe should give it another try.

I'll check out the others mentioned as well, hadn't ever heard of many of those so thanks!
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