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Originally Posted by Dingbang View Post
Don't you run the risk of getting stuck with a lot of not so great meat? If I buy a steak at the grocery store and it turns outto be not great when I eat it, I chalk it up to bad luck getting a steak from a not so tasty steer. Tomorrow's steak probably will be better. But if I have hundreds of pounds more in my freezer...
Some farms have some way for you to get a sample before buying an entire quarter or half.

In any case, if you buy consistently from the same place, they're probably using the same breed and the same feed so the flavor should be quite similar.

If you've no experience with the place, you can ask about breed and about feeding practices and about the age of the animal in question. But the chances are pretty good that you'll be getting better meat, not worse, than you would from a standard grocery.

If you're getting some species less commonly eaten in your area, make sure that the slaughterhouse/butcher has experience with the species. I once got some seriously screwed up lamb from a place that had probably never handled lamb before. They hung it too long for lamb and cut it really oddly; it was edible, but not very good.
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I once had a steak from a place that raised a small number of "pet" cows on pasture. (It's a tourist farm, and they like having animals for the children to pet and stuff. But they process the excess animals as meat every year.) It tasted really odd, and I didn't care for it. It wasn't spoiled or anything. I believe the meat was properly processed. It just tasted... odd. I assumed the cow ate something strongly flavored late in its life, and I was tasting the residual of some plant I don't like the flavor of.


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