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Why I Don't Trash Talk Joe Biden

More generally, why I don’t trash talk any of the candidates I’m voting for, even when they're not my preferred candidates.

Modern democracy is a process of compromise between diverse interests represented by flawed individuals. The only cure for an increasingly unrepresentative political structure is more democracy, not less. That requires activism which strengthens constituency influence, and if you want electoral success and better representation of your views, it means enthusiasm for and focus on the processes of government, and not obsession with the supposed evils of the candidates most closely allied with your views.

Here is a primer of sorts, written by knowledgeable career political staffers and offered here as a counterpoint to the bloviations of a few sad victims of the Dunning-Kruger principle in many of our ongoing threads, who believe they understand how government works and have concluded the wrong people are in government and it won’t be fixed until we all boo Captain Hook and clap for Tink’, strongly enough and with sincerity.

To anyone wondering how to participate in democracy in a way that can produce the results you want, I highly recommend The Indivisible Guide, the Indivisible organization and its principles. The guide I’ve linked is a sort of “how to” for progressives (or any dedicated group of citizens) to use some of the same tactics and strategies that were successful for conservative activists. Quote from the introduction: “If a small minority in the Tea Party could stop President Obama, then we the majority can stop a petty tyrant…”

For the vocal Biden/Dem Party detractors of the ‘progressive Left’: Please note the chapter on Advocacy Tactics. It may surprise you that “ceaselessly tear down any insufficiently pure candidates” is not listed as a tactic.

If you’re interested in more reading, there’s a book available from the organization which goes into greater detail and discusses more of the mechanics and history of American government. Well worth the price.
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Looks like an interesting and worthwhile read. Thanks for recommending it.
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Yep. I've been a part of the group pretty much since Trump got elected. My resist group follows its principles and attempts to move the bar here in Charleston.

It's a good group that trying to - in my opinion - do good things. But it's grown up enough to realize the basic truth that you accomplish nothing if your guy doesn't win the election. We've moved into an 'all or nothing' no compromise period of political gamesmanship. We can debate the cause of that - odds are we'd all have different ones and we'd all be right - but it's a fact we need to deal with. If we can get half of what we want we should consider ourselves incrementalists who are way ahead.


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