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Then Starbucks discovered that you could sell substandard, over-roasted crap to anybody if you raised your prices to something ridiculous.
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Cheese and beer were very important products in the Neolithic. I've heard it claimed only half joking? that the hunter-gatherers of northern Germany and Denmark adopted farming circa 4000 BC only after learning the recipe for beer!

Originally Posted by Ynnad View Post
... How do you properly punctuate a sentence which is a question that ends with a quote that is also a question[?]
I hoped to read answers to this interesting question. I'd use two question marks myself, but that's my persnicketiness.
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Originally Posted by Ynnad View Post

(Another question occurred to me as I was typing this post. How do you properly punctuate a sentence which is a question that ends with a quote that is also a question. Did I do it right? This question probably belongs in a different forum.)
Is asking a question about question marks and forgetting to end it with a question mark an example of Muphry's Law? Or is it more like Umhoefer's Law, Hartman's Law, or some other law?
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Originally Posted by Colibri View Post
Coffee was originally prepared by boiling the skin and pulp of the fruit, or by boiling the green seed.
Incidentally, coffee "cherries" are edible and somewhat sweet. The pulp and skin contains a small amount of caffeine. Primitive people were in the habit of brewing up infusions of all kinds of plants, so it's not surprising they might boil up dried coffee cherries. Even today, the dried pulp is made into tea. So all it takes is just leaving some seeds in with the pulp to get a drink with some kick.
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These will keep forever. Virginia or Kentucky Country Ham


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