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Return of the Obra Dinn

This game is a fun graphical logic puzzle, so I assume many readers of this site like it. You play an insurance investigator sent by the East India Company to figure out the fates of the crew and passengers on board a ghost ship.

My questions are,

After you piece everything together, you are expected to sign off on a report detailing your findings. However, many of the précis are wildly inaccurate! For example, someone may be listed as having committed murder when it was clearly self-defense or accident. By this point you, the faceless investigator, know everything that happened, so is the misleading report deliberate, and why?

Also, why did the captain top himself? Sure, his wife died, but one would think that after 40-50 years at sea he would be made of sterner stuff. Did he simply see one too many Lovecraftian horrors? Then again, what are a couple of sea-monsters to an old skipper? Perhaps he could not bear the thought of facing the dreaded East India Company?
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I just began playing this together with my wife. I am honestly really confused, but am hoping to keep going. I am wondering if I should have my own notebook...


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